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2nd Saturday of 2021 and a little Susan time

It is the 2nd Saturday of 2021 and I once again get to spend a little time s Susan, and this is actually my 5th time this year spending time as Susan. now my plan was just a quiet day at home and so I was going for a dramatic eye look today. Now it was about noon when I started my transformation as I had a few things to do in the morning. Now I took my time as and spent a lot of time on my eyes and yes today I did false eyelashes. I really do enjoy doing my makeup as I find it relaxing and fun. Now I get asked why I spend so much time and effort on my makeup and to look pretty if I am not trying to attract and usually, I just ask them back if every woman does her makeup for the reason of attracting men? In reality I do my makeup and try to look pretty for me and no one else, yes I like when I get compliments and people tell me I look pretty but it is how I feel that counts and yes, the way I look is what I find attractive in females. The other thing I will point out is when you do something for yourself it is more enjoyable, and I think that is why I love doing my makeup. I was all ready by 1:50 and yes this would be a perfect look for an evening out with my friends.

Now as I was picking out what to wear and yes, I was looking at dresses and heels. Well, my mom called so we talked for a little while and while we talked, I realized I have not planned dinner for Sunday when she comes over for the day so yes, I need to go shopping today. Well, I picked out a pair of leggings and my maroon top and got dressed. It was a cute look for the day and yes, my makeup was a little much for daytime especially with the bright red lipstick but then again, I will have to wear a face mask so really all you will see is my eyes. Now I did take time to get some pictures for the day.

It was about 2:30 and I grabbed my purse and got ready to leave I was going to just run to Fred Meyers, but I looked outside, and the sun was out, and it looked nice so I decided to go to the Fred Meyers at Johnson Creek and then I could stop at the cemetery on my way home as that would give me a little more time out. Now last time I went it was cold, so I did grab my coat, I have had it for several months just really haven’t needed to wear it yet. Now I got a few blocks from home and realized I forgot my Drier License usually I just put my wallet in the inner pocket in my purse but as this was not a planned outing, I forgot so I had to turn around and go back home. On my way back home, I passed 2 you girls probably mid-teens walking down the road towards my street but really didn’t pay any attention to them. I parked in my drive and got out and walked into my house and got my wallet and walked back to my car and was on my way again. Now as I got to the end of my street and turned there were the same 2 girls still walking but now, they were walking towards me and as I passed them, they both smiled and waved at me, so I waved back and just kept going, I don’t think I know them, but I wonder what they were thinking.

It took me about 30 minutes to get to Fred Meyers and I parked and got a quick picture in the car before putting on my face mask to go in. I picked the one with a face on it for 2 reasons, 1st I hate the blue surgical masks, the 2nd reason was because my eye makeup was a little much for daytime, I wanted the mask to draw some attention away from my eyes while I am at the store. I went in and got a cart and started my shopping. I got stuff for dinner tomorrow plus a few other things and then stopped by the floral department to get some flower. I went and paid and them back out to my car and took my mask off.

I left Fred Meyers and it only took me 10 minutes to get to the cemetery. I got out of my car and it was a lot colder then at Fred Meyers as there was a wind, the cemetery is on the top of Mt Scott so there always seems to be a wind. I put my coat on and grabbed my flowers and purse and off I went to walk to my dad’s grave. Its about 100 yards from where I parked and the wind was cold, I was glad I brought my coat. There were lots of flowers on the graves and some small Christmas Trees, it was very beautiful up there today. I put the flowers on the grave and spent about 20 minutes here. The coat helped but my hands and face got cold. I did get a picture here also. It was a little after 4 when I left the cemetery and headed for home.

As it was close to dinner and as I skipped lunch, I decided to stop at the Panda Express by my house and get dinner. I pulled in and parked, I always back into parking spots as I fine it is easier to not have to back out, so my car door was right next to the other car next to me with a lady in it, but I paid no attention and just put my mask on and went in. there were 2 people Infront of me so I had a brief wait till I ordered. Now I have come here for years as my male self nut it has only been the last 8 months I have also been coming here as Susan. I got my food and left, and the car was still parked next to mine and as I walked up the lady inside rolled her window down and told me she loved my mask and followed it up with telling me I looked really cute. Now I am not sure if she was talking about my mask or me in general, but I thanked her and got into m car and went home.

It was about 5:30 when I got home and ate my dinner while I watched a little TV. The rest of the night will just be some Susan time at home. Now at 8 pm the movie Wonder Woman came on so I will watch that and do my blog till I go to bed. It has been a good day. Now I am looking forward to Wednesday night zoom meeting with my friends.

Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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  1. Susan, thank you for the pictures to show us your makeup, you always do a fantastic job. If possible could you add a full length picture so we can see what you are wearing? I haven’t been out dressed since the pandemic started, but I want to begin running errands dressed, and it would be helpful to see your leggings and top that you wear. I’m usually a dress or skirt girl, and I want to blend in. Thanks

    Comment by Stacy | January 11, 2021 | Reply

  2. Susan, this is a great look! You look fabulous.

    Hugs, Carly J

    Comment by Jmckenzie | January 13, 2021 | Reply

  3. Hey there y’all l’m Heather Wynne downhere in the mid-south just found your blog surfing the net and what a relief l found someone like me although l am a 64yrs c/d and have been dressing on occasion to clean the house or go to the grocery store but with the passing of my wife of 35yrs (a real trooper) put up with me dressing up anyway l now find myself being Heather all the time and only change to go to work look forward to reading more about your days in this locked down future

    Comment by Heather Wynne | January 20, 2021 | Reply

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