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Wednesday night Zoom meeting with my friends in Christmas Eve, Eve

It is the day before Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve, Eve and I get to see my friends on our weekly Zoom meeting. I really look forward to this as I really do miss all my friends and spending time with them. Well, I got off work late and then there were 2 wrecks on the freeway and traffic was bad. So, I called and talked to my mom for aa while to take my mind off the traffic. I got home at 6:15 so it would be a rush tonight getting ready.

I started getting ready and I could see I was going to have a hard time being ready by 7 so changed up the order I get ready. usually I do my makeup, then get dressed and last my hair and jewelry. Well tonight I got my foundation on and then got dressed and put my jewelry on and that way once my makeup was done all I would have left is to put my hair on. I did this so I could take my time on my makeup and get it just perfect. It was almost 7 and I was still working on my eye makeup, so I did something I have not done before. I stopped what I was doing and went and got my computer and set it up on the counter and started the meeting without my video of course and there were girls already waiting. I admitted the girls and here I was chatting with them as I finished my makeup. Now it only took me about 15 more minutes, and I was once again Susan, so I headed downstairs with my computer and started my video. now it was 7:15 and 12 girls with 11 windows open which was nice as I new some girls wouldn’t make it tonight being so close to Christmas.

We had Julie, Melissa, Jennifer, Jan & Lynn, Cyndee, Antonia, Danika, Grace, Rebecca, Tori and me tonight. Now I know it is not Christmas yet, but it was almost like spending Christmas with them. Now we took time catching up with everyone and finding out what everyone is doing for Christmas. Now some are just staying at home, some will spend with family, kids, or grandkids and I will spend with my mom. The one thing we are all limiting it some this year, but we are still celebrating and living our lives. I hope everyone spends Christmas how they want and how they feel is right for them.

Now it was time for Jennifer’s Question and that was, is there one thing someone has done for you in your life that had a big impact on you, and it was general not just about our being transgender. Now thinking back there have been a lot as really all my friends have had an impact in someway on my life and I hope no one feels left out but maybe the biggest was when I first tried to go out and kept chickening out, I was about to give up and go home for the 4th time when another T-girl saw me sitting in my car and stopped and tapped on my window and invited me to walk in with her. Now days I get out of my car without even thinking about it but back then I could sit in my car for an hour trying to just open the car door. Now she didn’t have to do that, but she did. She helped my take my first step out in public as Susan, she introduced me to the bar staff at Embers and even the security and then took me around to 4 other places and also introduced me to the staff there. It really helped me and made me feel welcome and not alone. Now back then I probably only went out 3 times a year and I only saw her 2 times after that and this was 20 years ago, but she had such a big impact and I still remember her name, Lori. I never got a chance how much this helped me and how much it meant to me. I think that is why I like to help other girls when they first are going out, kind of my way of passing on the kindness she showed me. Sometimes it is the simplest things that touch people lives. any ways I spent Thursday thinking about this also and there really are a lot of little things people have done that really had an impact on my life and I thank them all. So, my wish for this Christmas, the gift I want is for everyone to think about this in your life and again it doesn’t have to be about who you are or even something recent, it may be a teacher, friend, family or just a random stranger. The other wish I have for Christmas is if you get the opportunity to help someone, to touch their life even if you think it is no big deal do it as to them it could be a life changing event. It was also nice to hear some of the things the other girls remember, it really was a great question for tonight.

Well, we talked for more and had a nice time and it was almost 9 before girls started signing off and as always once we lose one, we seem to lose several so by 9 it was once again just Melissa, Julie, Jan & Lynn and me. Now I like when we have a big group but also nice when it is smaller as it is easier to talk the only bad thing is as the group gets smaller, I know the night is coming to an end. Melissa signed off and then Julie and then Jan and Lynn and I ended the meeting about 9:30. Now I am looking forward to Christmas with my mom but for Susan it will be Saturday again before she gets some time again. Now before I washed away Susan and get ready for bed, I did get a few pictures.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life. Have a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

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