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Saturday before Thanksgiving as Susan

Well it is the Saturday before Thanksgiving and I plan to spend the day as Susan, now I have a funny story kind of. My heat pump quit working last week so I have been on emergency heat and I was going to have it looked at this morning. I got a text about 8:30 they were on the way. They got here about 9 and it only took about 30 minutes for the bad news, my compressor has gone out and as it is an old system I am looking at about $4,000 for a new one so I asked for a quote on a whole new heating system as that is a lot of money to fix something that old and they said they would have to come back at a later time so they left and I went in and started my transformation to Susan for the day.

I took my time getting ready and again focused on the eyes and did the hombre look on my lips with a darker color outside and a brighter red inside, it is a cute look. I was all ready by 11 and went downstairs and got some pictures and stared watching the Hallmark channel for the day. It was about 11:15 and I got a call on my heating system and they were on their way back and would be here in a few minutes and sure enough about 10 minutes later my door bell rang and so Susan opened the door. Now I know what you are all thinking I can’t believe Susan did that. Well It was Jan as her male self, she does heating systems for a living and she had agreed to come over and check my system today and she brought Lynn with her. I met both as Susan, but they also know me on my male side. It was so awesome for them to give up part of their Saturday to help me, thanks. Well Jan got all the information off my heat pump and furnace in the attic while Lynn and I talked. It is kind of funny the lady of the house chatting with the wife while her husband worked. Now it was way more than that as it was great to see both of them, and yes both had beautiful red acrylic nails Lynn’s were sparkly. Jan has had painted acrylic nails for years and really no one has giving her any issue with them. They were here almost an hour. Now I walked them out when they left and we stood in my driveway talking for a while, yes, I was out front of my house as Susan for about 10 minutes. Seeing them this morning really brightened my day.

Now after they left I decided to make a quick trip to Fred Meyers as I need something for dinner tomorrow when I have my mom at my house and they have her Diet Coke on sale this week so I grabbed my purse and was off. Now I did get a couple pictures in my car before going into the store one in my face mask which I like. Now they were busy so I had to park way out in the lot, but I didn’t even think about it, I just got out of the car and walked in, got a cart and started shopping. Now I know just going to the grocery store shopping may seem pretty boring but, in some ways, doing the normal day to day things as Susan brings some normalcy to this side of my life. In our Zoom meeting Wednesday night Jennifer had a great question about feeling guilty and although I realized it may not be guilt I feel but there are times I feel embarrassed or ashamed like I am doing something wrong. Not very often anymore but I really think just living my life normally and doing every day things has really helped with these feelings. I will give you an example, going to Diva Las Vegas, the point of this is to go and spend time as Susan and be around others who feel the dame as I do and that is wonderful but just going there and being Susan for the events to me feels like I am limiting myself again just how I feel. Now doing the whole trip as Susan, traveling as Susan and beings Susan full time on the trip helps me feel it is normal. I have been asked why I take the time to be Susan for a 15 hour drive to Las Vegas but it is what every woman would do on a road trip, they would be themselves and that is all I am doing.

I spent about 30 minutes shopping and really didn’t pay any attention to the people around me so not sure if I got any stairs although I am guessing I did but I just don’t care. Now it was time to go and pay and normally when I shop I go through the self-checkout as it is faster but as Susan I like to have a checker ring my items up as I like the interaction so I got in line and waited my turn. It was finally my turn and as I moved forward and the lady at the check-stand looked at me and said Oh my god and I got a little worried and she finished it with “I love your mask, I had to look at it twice”. I thanked her and we chatted a little as she rung up my groceries. This is the type of interaction when I am out. It was a fun little outing.

I loaded my groceries in my car and headed for home. Now as I got close t home and turned onto my street there was my new neighbor in the street pushing his son in a toy car, so I had to stop. He pushed his son to the side and walked right by my drivers’ side and waved at me and I just smiled and waved back. Now him and his wife have seen me before leaving but always from a distance where this was withing 5 feet maybe. I just continued down my street and backed into my garage like nothing was wrong. Now at home it was time to watch some more Christmas Movies for the day.

It was about 5 and I realized I have not eaten all day well I did have a couple cookies Lynn brought me earlier when they were here, and they were really good. Well I decided to go to McDonalds and get something to eat. Now I go to this McDonalds pretty regular both as Susan and my male self. Now I always order the same thing and I would say 1 in 5 times they get my order wrong. Now tonight I placed my order, and it comes to $9.53 and normally I use my credit card but tonight I paid cash so I gave the young lady $20.53 so I could get $11 change. Well the young lady took for ever and finally gave me my change $10.84 cents, so I told her it was wrong, and she never said a word but just staired at me. I repeated it 2 more times and not a word, so I finally just pulled forward. Now I know it is only .14 cents, but I just goes to show they don’t teach simple math anymore in schools. Sorry for the rant but I just had to vent, and I do feel a little silly as I said it was only .14 cents.

Well I got home and ate my dinner and will stay up till 11 watching Christmas Movies, by the way last night I put up my outside Christmas lights so I am the first one on my street with my decorations up, yes I love Christmas.

Now I am looking forward to Wednesday night and our Zoom meeting, several girls expressed interest in doing it even though it is the day before Thanksgiving. So, I scheduled that tonight. Now with Spending Thanksgiving with my mom I won’t be able to blog about that till after Thanksgiving, so I just want to wish you all a Happy thanksgiving. May it be special for you how ever you celebrate it.

Thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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  1. Susan, I enjoy reading your blog and agree doing everyday things is fun and rewarding.

    Comment by Marie Smith | November 23, 2020 | Reply

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