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Tuesday and day 7 of my stay at home vacation

Well it is Tuesday and before I start todays blog a brief not on yesterday. I took a break from Susan and drove to Seaside for a few hours to try and escape the smoke. Now I did have my nails and I went a little further as I put on some mascara, and light brown eye shadow and my wildberry lipstick. My plan was to get to the coast around 8 and sit at the local Starbucks till 10 when things opened. Well I got there, and the Starbucks was closed so I went down to the main part od Seaside as there was a coffee place open. Turns out they had no seating. I did get a hot chocolate and then walked around window shopping, of course I took my mask off outside and even though really nothing was open there were still quite a few people walking around, guessing people staying at the beach. Not one word was said about my nails and they had to be visible with the long red nails holding a white coffee cup. Later I went and walked around Fort Stevens and even checked out a couple small shops in Astoria on my way home it was a male day out with nails. I got home about 4 and just spent the rest of the day at home.

Tuesday, I got up around 8 and decided to go to Starbucks for a couple hours as my male self with my nails and yes, I did some mascara, light brown eye shadow and my WildBerry lipstick. Yes I still have my nails as with the poor air quality I still can’t go over and see my mom and it will be at least the weekend so I am glad I got the Acrylic nails for my vacation. I got there and went in and ordered my drink and sat down with my computer. Now there was a couple sitting across the shop from me in the corner but they probably couldn’t see my nails from where they were do to the screen but there was a lady who sat just a table to my side for a while but I never even noticed her look my way although I am sure she had to see me nails. I stayed here till a little after 11 as I want to wait till about 2 before I start becoming Susan for the rest of the day

I got home a little before noon, I was talking to my mom on the phone, so I got out of my car and decided to water my front yard while I talked with her. Now while I talked with my mom the neighbor across the street and 1 house to the left came out and was using a blower to blow off the front of her house. I really didn’t pay attention to her as she keeps to herself. She has lived there for at least 5 years and in all that time other then maybe a wave when I drive by, I have never met her. Well I got off the phone and kept watering my yard and wasn’t really paying attention but she was now at the front of her yard and I heard her taking to me, she was asking about watering the yard with all the smoke so I just told her I wanted to try and green up my yard before it gets hot again and to my surprise she walked across the street to the front edge of my yard and was standing probably 25 feet away talking to me and I am thinking can she see my long nails holding the hose so I was trying to be careful. She looked back at her house so I quickly turned the hose off and set it down noticing my red toenails so I took a few steps forward to get my toes right by the edge of the grass to try and hide them and got my hands in my pockets.

Well she kept talking to about the smoke and when it will clear hopefully in a couple days as it is better today then it has been for many days. She has a disabled son she takes care of and with the virus and now the smoke it has been hard to get help in. Know I know it is just her and her son who live there as I said they have been there for 5 years although her parents also help out, I found out. We kept talking as I didn’t want to move for fear, she would see my red toes and didn’t want to take my hands out of my pockets. We had been talking maybe 10 minutes now when she made the comment, you got your ears pierced, I just said yes it was something I had always wanted to do but I was very aware now of my earrings, yes I had my small 1″ silver hoops in but I also remembered I had on my WildBerry lipstick and wondered how visible that was from 25 feet away. Well she just said “the earring looked really pretty” her words but she kept talking to me. We probably talked for 15 minutes before she said she had to get back to work and wished me a nice day. 5 years and first time we have talked. Now I have always kept to myself with my neighbors because of this side of me, really the only neighbor I talk with is the one who I know knows about this part of my life. Will be interesting next time I see her, maybe I should strike up a conversation with her.

I also got my check from my insurance company for my car so I figured I would take it to the bank as I can go through the drive through they have an outer one where you put it in the little tube so I am not right by the window. Well I got to the bank and pulled around the bank to the drive through and only the one at the window was open, so I had no choice. I had to reach out wit my hands with my nails and put the check in the drawer as the teller looked on. She didn’t say a thing just processed my check and put my receipt in the drawer for me, so I reached in and got it and went back home. So far it has been an interesting day.

I started getting ready about 2:30 as I have no real plans. I was all ready by 4 and decided to go to Starbucks and start this blog and as I walked out of my house to get in my car a little part of me was hoping the neighbor I talked to earlier would be outside but she wasn’t. I got to the Starbucks by my house and they were actually busy, there were 8 people inside waiting for orders mostly mobile orders so there were only 2 in front of me to order. I put my order in and went and set up my computer at one of the tables and waited for them to call my name. it was a good thing I did this as several other people who came in ordered and sat down at tables. Well actually they only have 5 tables inside for seating right now, but they were all full now. I stared working on my blog for today as so many things have happened today.

It was about 5:15 and one of the workers came over to talk to me, they are closing at 5:30 now because of the fires. I guess business is down and some of their employees have been evacuated so employees are being shared to keep their stores open in the mornings which make sense as I am sure that is their busiest time. Although it was sad as there is not a lot of things you can do right now with everything going on, so I left at 5:30.

I decided it was time for dinner and as I didn’t want to go home yet I went to IHOP by the mall. I have gone here several times over the last few weeks. I got there about 5:45 and there were about 15 cars in front, so they looked busy s I put my mask on and went in. I was shown to a booth. A young man cam over to see what I wanted to drink so I ordered a Pepsi. Now I have not seen him before, so I was surprised when he brought my Pepsi and said, let me guess would you like the grilled Chicken, which is what I always get. Well it turns out the lady who has taken my order the last several times was here and told him what I normally get. I got my food and had a nice dinner. The waitress I normally have came over and talked to me briefly and the young man who waited on me was awesome. It was about 6:40 when I was done and on my way home for the night.

Now tomorrow I think I will go to the same Starbucks again in the morning as my male self and wait till the afternoon to become Susan as I have our Zoom meeting tomorrow night and I want to look good for that. The rest of the week I think I will start the day as Susan and go to the same Starbucks and see if they can figure it out. All the days going there with my long nails and my app which is under Susan’s name. I will watch TV till bedtime and finish this blog during the commercials.

Stay safe and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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  1. Susan, can you tell us about your skin care routine, and how you keep your face so feminine? Love your posts. Carly J .

    Comment by Carly J | September 16, 2020 | Reply

  2. susan, I know it might not be something you would want to do but might you entertain those of us who read your blog to show a picture of you in your “male side”.

    Comment by katie Robinson | September 16, 2020 | Reply

  3. […] out the door. My new neighbor across the street was working in his garage as I walked out and the lady next door to him the one who came over and talked to me for the first time was walking to her car at the same time. I don’t know if either even saw me, but I was aware […]

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