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Thursday night and a rare opportunity for Susan time

Well it is Thursday night and not a night I usually spend as Susan, but Julie had texted me and wanted to know if I wanted to come over for a BBQ. Now with the virus I really haven’t seen any of my friends in person and I figured we would be sitting outside on the deck and we could easily socially distance and I really missed spending time with Julie so I said yes. It would be a rush as I had to get home from work and change and then go to her house a big difference from just going downstairs and logging onto my computer. I got home a little before 5 and started getting ready as I told Julie I would be to het place at 6:30 and it’s about a 20-minute trip with no traffic. It really did feel wonderful doing my makeup to be going out and seeing someone. I have really missed that. I did a really good job on my makeup focusing on my eyes and eyebrows, I am really trying to get my eyebrows to look exactly right. I was all ready a little before 5 and got a few quick pictures before leaving. Now when I got home from work today I parked in my drive and not my garage, for quick trips I am doing this as I have to walk out my front door to get to my car, kind of my way of stretching my boundaries. My neighbors see me driving away in my car all the time and I am sure they know but this puts me right out where they can see me although once again none of my neighbors were out when I walked to my car but then again it is almost 100 degrees today and I am sure they are inside trying to stay cool

I got to Julie’s about 6:20 and rang her doorbell, she opened the door and she also had on a nice summer dress. It was so wonderful to see her in person. Now I go to work every day and see people but for the last 4 months my Susan time seeing people has been a fast food drive through or going into Panda Express or Subway to get something to actually get to spend time with Julie as Susan will be so wonderful, she really is like family to me. Now I brought some Ice Cream and chocolate syrup for desert and as I said it was hot outside, so we had to get that in the freezer. Now Julie went way out for dinner as we started with chips and dip, each in our own bowls as we were being safe, I love chips and dip as I can make a meal of them. Julie cooked the baked potatoes part way in the microwave as we sat and talked. it was so wonderful to just be able to sit and talk with someone in person. It is funny as on my male side I am not really that social of a person, but Susan needs social interaction. Once we finished our chips and dip it was out to the deck to get the steaks on the grill and of course Julie had a big salad for each of us that we sat and ate on the deck. It was a little warm, but we were in the shade an there was a slight breeze so it was really nice although every once in a while the breeze would stop and it would get a little hot but then the breeze would come back.

We sat and talked about a lot of things from stocks and the economy, to the group and even some of the people we have met over the years and how we started going out. we all have a few key people who really helped us, and they may not even know the impact they had on us. For me first was a girl named Lori, I had gone to Embers 3 times and sat in my car for an hour before chickening out and going home. the fourth time was the same and after an hour I was getting ready to leave and Lori must have noticed me sitting in my car and knocked on my window to ask if I was going in and wanted to walk in with her. she really helped me get out of the car for the first time. I only saw her a couple times after that so never really told her how much she helped me. Another girl was Alice who would e-mail me when she was coming to Portland and I would go meet her at Embers. One night she ran into 4 young ladies in the bathroom and talked to them and told them how shy I was and still getting use to going out. well each of those girls came over 1 at a time and talked to me and told me how nice I looked and made me feel good about myself. I found out months later Alice had asked them to do this, but it had a big impact on my life. Then there is Cassandra who started our group and befriended me and got me to join the group that allowed me to start going out every Friday night and meet people. Going out with the group I met so many wonderful people and I really do have more friends as Susan, and they are closer friends to me. A few of them like Cassandra and Julie are really more like sisters and probably know more about me then even my family. I really do have a wonderful life.

Well we finished our salad or most of it as I was saving room for my steak and baked potato. It was about 7:30 when the steaks were done, and Julie served them up and they were so good. There is something about cooking on a grill and also, I think just being able to be at Julie’s with her on her deck made it all the better. We had a wonderful dinner and sat and talked like sisters. It was a wonderful time, thanks so much Julie for inviting me over. Now we did social distance as we sat at least 6 feet apart, but we just had to get one quick selfie together to remember the night. plus, I got a quick selfie on her deck also. Now I got a comment about my pictures being to close to the words in my blog and hard to read so I tried a setting which in my word document puts space between the words and pictures hope this helps.

It was such a wonderful dinner and after we ate we sat and talked for a little while before we had our ice cream which I really didn’t need as I couldn’t even finish all my dinner but who can turn down ice cream. It was starting to get dark and it was still in the 80’s but nice on the deck. I really didn’t want the night to end although I new it had to as I have to get up early for work tomorrow, so it was almost 10pm when we called it a night. what an awesome time. We said our goodnights and I was in my car on my way home but I did have to make a quick stop at Fred Meyers to get gas as I was almost on empty so I extended my night just a little. It was about 10:30 when I got home and cleaned up for bed. Thanks, so much Julie for dinner.

Now I am looking forward to this weekend and spending it as Susan, stay safe and be happy with who you are. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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