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Last Sunday of June as Susan

It is Sunday morning and I got up at 8 and had breakfast before starting to get ready for the day. I took my shower and was just getting ready to start my makeup when my mom called. Seems she needed me to pick a few things up for her so before I did my makeup, I ran to Walmart to get her things and while I was there, I picked up a new eyeliner. I have seen it on TV and wanted to try it, it is called Maybelline master precise all day liquid eyeliner. Well I got back home about 10 and started getting ready for the day and of course I had to try my new eyeliner so I went for a more dramatic look today including a bright red lipstick as I will just be at home. I also went with a different hair look today. Now I was ready by 11 and I really liked the eyeliner as it was easy to use and looked great.

I went downstairs to start my day with a few pictures. Now I did have a little work to do so I sat on my deck for a while as the sun was out and took care of it. Now doing work may not seem like that much fun but the fact I can do it as Susan on my computer is incredible. I am able to work as Susan although none of my co-works know about this side of my life. Now some tell me I should not hide this side of me, who I am, that I should be proud of who I am. Now for the record I am proud of who I am, it took me years to come to terms with this side of my life and accept it. Now one can be proud and still want privacy. Now I go out without caring if my neighbors see me and I go to places close to where I live now but I don’t see the need to just go tell everyone about this side of my life, it would be different if I was going to transition or live full time but this is still just a part of who I am. I feel if I am not going to be Susan at work then they don’t need to know. For me it is about finding a balance in my life and this is what is right for me. I then went in and watched a movie called 40 guns for Apache pass.

It was about 5:30 when my movies got over and I was thinking about what I wanted for dinner. now I original planned on just getting something at home reason I did such a dramatic look today, but I also realized I needed to go get some gas for my car. Well I really couldn’t do anything about my makeup at least not real easy but I did change out of my dress to my jeggings and a top and also changed my hair color, I got a couple pictures and then I was off. It is amazing the difference my hair color makes. I went to the Fred Meyer fuel station mainly so I could drive by my Starbucks to see if they had the tables open inside yet which they did not. I got my gas and since I was already out, I decided to go to Subway and get something to eat.

I got to Subway and there were 2 people in there, a young woman probably in her 20’s and an older man. The woman was paying for her meal and the older man just started talking to me, they were out of several things and he couldn’t understand why they were out, and we got talking about the virus and everything going on. The lady finished and as she was leaving, she told me she loved my earrings which made me feel good. I ordered my sandwich and finally got up to where I pay, and other people had come in behind me. I was on my way out and there was a young man and a woman wearing a mask and she waved at me which got my attention. Now masks can make it hard to recognize people but the young man I knew but couldn’t place so I looked back at the woman and when I got a closer look it was Lynn and of course her son. We talked briefly and it was so good to see her in person. She has joined me on Zoom a few times but still being in person is always better. I got a couple pictures in my car before heading home.

I got home and ate my dinner while watching the TV show Love Boat. At 7 I switched to AMC to watch Independence Day. when that movie is over, I will go clean off my makeup and go to bed. I also scheduled our Wednesday night Zoom meeting and sent it out. I am already looking forward to it and also next weekend.

Stay safe and stay positive, things will get better.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life

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