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Sunday as Susan

It is Sunday and another day as Susan at home. Now it has been more then 2 months since things have been shut down and we can’t go anyplace really so it has been hard, but I am surviving. I really do miss the social part of going out with my friends probably why I look forward to Wednesday night’s Zoom meetings, I set one up today and sent it out to the group in hopes we will have another good turnout. I got up around 8 and started getting ready taking my time doing my makeup. Now being Sunday I decided to wear a dress for the day and change up my hair a little. I was ready and downstairs by 10 and of course got a few pictures. I did a lighter look on my foundation and not sure how it goes with this hair. Now it actually looks like it might be a nice day out as the sun is out. I made some breakfast and watched a little TV, not much on really but I found a Movie called Connie and Carla and I thought it was a cute movie, 2 women witness a murder and end out hiding as Drag Queens.

Now I have no real plans for today but I did want to get out of the house so after my movie I decided to take a little drive down by the river, it was just nice to be out for a while. Now I maybe should not have worn the dress as it would have been nice to park and walk a little by the river but being in a dress, I decided the drive was enough. Of course, I did get a few more pictures in the car. I was only gone about 40 minutes, but it was nice. I got home about 1 and as the sun was out and I didn’t get a walk by the river I decided to sit on my deck for a while. Now I use Quickens for my finances and have for about 30 years and I have 2 checking statements to balance. I knew I was behind on this so I figured since my male side supports Susan, she could at least catch things up by balancing my checking account. Well it turns out I was further behind then I thought but Susan got it all caught up. It really was nice to sit outside today; the weather is perfect and even sitting in the sun is nice. I did some training I needed to get caught up on and also some e-mails and just playing on my computer. I also started on this blog as I kind of like writing it as the day goes by. I spent about 3 hours out on my deck till the battery on my computer ran out.

I went back inside and plugged my computer in and searched for a new movie to watch and found Six day’s and Seven nights which is also a really good movie. Now over the last 2 months I have watched so much TV and movies, probably more than I watched in the last 2 years. Years ago, I loved sitting at home as Susan and now I do it because I have to. I really hope things start opening up soon as I really do want to start going out again. My movie got over and I had to decide what would do for dinner, should I make something at home or go get something. Well I am sure you guessed my choice as Susan wanted to be out even if it was just going for some fast food. Now before I went, I changed my outfit and also my hair.

I got in my car and drove to McDonald’s to get a burger; I know it is not the healthiest, but I figure on the weekends I can eat a little less healthy. I placed my order and then as I waited in line to get my food, I got a quick picture. It is funny how a hair change can change your look so much. I got my food and went back home to eat, and it was still nice out so I sat on the deck and ate and could hear my neighbors on their deck behind me. I had just finished and was wondering what to do when my Mom called me, I have actually talked to her a few times today. She is really having a hard time with being locked in. my mom is doing really well although her short-term memory is not good, and I think it is getting worse with the isolation. She is having a hard time understanding what is going on and why I can’t come over. I almost think the isolation is worse for her then the risk of the virus. I talked with her for about 45 minutes. I hoped it helps her, I really need to find a way to get to see her.

It was now getting cool outside, so I went back in and looked for something to watch for the rest of the evening. The history channel which I like had some shows tonight called the men who built America: Frontiersmen so I started watching it and it was really good, it covers from the revolutionary war to through the Lewis and Clark expedition. If you get a chance to watch it, you should. They then had another one that covered the early Indian wars and the war of 1812 of course that one will go till midnight and as I have to get up early for work tomorrow, I will tape the end of it. Now during the commercials, I would work on finishing my blog. As I typed I could see my red nails which I love but also realize I need to remove it before work tomorrow so about 9 I pay used my show and went up and removed the polish, red is a little hard to get off by the way. With the polish off I would watch my show till 10 and then go remove my makeup and go to bed ending my weekend as Susan. it really has been a nice weekend at home. now I look forward to Wednesday night with my friends online and next weekend. I am hoping to have Memorial Day off so I may actually get 3 full days next weekend.

Stay safe and keep a positive attitude while we deal with the virus and shutdowns, it will end, and things will get back to normal. Thanks for reding and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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  1. HI Susan, you look absolutely gorgeous. My name is Julie and l live in country area in Australia

    Comment by Julie Coats | May 28, 2020 | Reply

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