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Saturday and another full day of being Susan

Well it is Saturday and another weekend as Susan, well it actually started Friday night. I got home a little early from work, so I decided to get dressed up for a few hours. I did a simple quick job on my makeup and a comfortable dress and sat down to paint my nails and watch TV till bedtime. It was a nice start to the weekend.

I got up about 8 Saturday morning to start my day as Susan. a nice warm shower and then my makeup and I took my time and did a more dramatic eye look including fully eye lining them which I do not do very often. I also did false eyelashes and of course my hoop earrings for the day. it was a little after 10 when I was all ready for my day and of course it started off with some pictures. Now it is going to be a beautiful day, sunny and mid 80’s so I will hopefully spend a little time outside. After a few pictures I made breakfast and ate out on my back deck in the sun.

After breakfast I decided to take a drive and go put flowers on my Dad’s grave, it is one place I can still go with everything shut down. It was nice to get out and drive as Susan, right now it is kind of like when I first started going out with my late-night drives. I drove to Johnson Creek Fred Meyer’s and went in to get some flowers. Now they were really busy, and I had to park a way out in the lot, and it was a little windy which messes my hair. I went in by the garden center and decided to pick up some weed killer I can use on my lawn as I have lots of weeds this year and really need to start getting it under control. Once o found that it was up to the floral section again which was busy, but they had a good selection of bouquets and they were marked down which was a surprise. With my stuff in hand it was up to the checkout to pay and then out to my car.

On the drive to the Cemetery I wondered how busy they would be, I got there and yes, they were busy. There were 3 groups of people in the section my Dad is in, but they were probably 100 to 200 feet away, so I grabbed my flowers and off I went. Now it was windy so I actually stood with my back to them so the wind would blow my hair back instead of in my face, so it made it hard to get a good picture. At one point I wondered if my hair would stay on. Now on the bright side you can really see my earrings. I stayed here about 30 minutes and people came and went and a few walked by me but seemed to pay no attention to me. I left here and drove home; it was about 1 when I got home.

I went out on my deck and I could see the neighbors were out in their yard behind me. Now if I am on my deck and they are on their deck we can clearly see each other but both our decks are a couple feet above our yards. Wellbeing nice I grabbed the weed killer I bought today and went out into my yard and sprayed the weeds. The only way they would see me is if they looked over the fence. I was only out there about 20 minutes, but it is the first time Susan has done yard work and I still looked good afterwards. Now I was up on my deck with my computer and started this blog and caught up on some e-mails and a little training. It is so nice to have a nice warm day and it actually got hot sitting in the sun, so I finally went back inside to watch some TV. I watched the movie Erin Brockovich

It was about 5:30 and I was getting hungry, so I decided to go to Panda Express and get dinner again. Now this is the one by my house I have gone to for years as my male self but only the last few weeks as Susan, they don’t have a drive through so you order at one door and pick up at the other and wait outside. Now there were people waiting to pick up but none at the door you order at so I walked right up and ordered my food. The young girl who took my order remembered me and didn’t even ask my name she just said Susan right and I said yes. Now the funny thing is she forgot to clear out the last customer so even though she remembered my name was Susan my receipt came out with the name Jennifer so for the next few minutes I was Jennifer till I got my order. I did get a quick picture while standing there but had to do it quick as there were still a couple people standing here and I didn’t want them to notice me taking a selfie. I got my food and got into my car and got a couple quick pictures and made sure a to show of my nails. I really do love having pretty nails I just wish they were longer.

I got home and sat out on my deck to eat my dinner as it was a nice evening out. I could still hear my neighbors in their yard, but I didn’t care. After I ate, I went back inside and watched some TV. Yes, the days are pretty boring but at least I get to spend them as Susan. I will stay up till about 11 before calling it a night and then get to spend tomorrow as Susan also. I had hoped to get over to see my Mom outside for a little while but still can’t do that because of the Governors orders. I think the cure may be worse than the disease. Well that is as political as I will get. It was a good day though and so will tomorrow as we all have to stay positive.

Stay healthy, happy, and positive during this time as it will get better. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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  1. Your killing it girl. Make up looks great.

    Comment by Briannah | May 10, 2020 | Reply

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