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Saturday and the first day of Susan for the weekend

Well it is Saturday and I plan on spending the day, actually the weekend as Susan. I got up at 8 and it looks like it might be a nice day today as the sun is out. Now I do need to do some yard work and as nice days this time of year are rare I probably should mow my yard if I can so my plan for the day is to be Susan early in the day and then later when the grass has died out some mowing my year and then Susan later in the day. The one thing I am thinking about is doing my yard work and if I should leave my makeup on as most of it would be in my back yard. Well I have time to think about that and I probably won’t do that, but it would be fun. Any way I got up and took my time getting ready as I wanted to take extra time on my makeup. I am using this time to work on different parts of my makeup and this weekend I am going to focus on my eyes, especially my eyebrows. It was about 10 when I was all done and ready for the day. now with the Coronavirus right now most places are closed and we really need to stay away from people but I really haven’t been any place as Susan accept for fast food drive throughs and a quick trip into a store to pick some things up.

Well with the sun out I decided to go the cemetery to visit my Dad’s grave but first a quick stop at Fred Meyers to pick up some flowers. I was on my way and got to the Fred Meyers on 82nd and Johnson Creek and parked by the garden entrance as this is the less busy side of the store away from the grocery section. I did get a couple pictures in the car before going in, I tried to pull my hair back for a better look at my eyebrows. I went in and this entrance takes me right to the floral section and as I thought there were not many people in this part of the store. Now I like this store as right next to the floral section is the makeup section and they have a checkout there and there is usually never a line there. So with my flowers in hand I went into the makeup section and picked up a few things, a lipstick as the color I am wearing today I used the last of this morning, also a concealer as I used the last of that also today. I also wanted to try the Maybelline eyebrow tattoo as it is supposed to last 24 hours and be waterproof. So, I picked up the 3 items and was on my way to the cemetery.

I got there and placed the flowers on my Dad’s grave, now being a Saturday there were other people here but it is a big cemetery so no one right by where I was although I did have to walk past some people going to and from the grave site. Now I have come here a lot as Susan as a matter of fact whenever I come here by myself it is as Susan. now it was still a little cold out low 50’s so I only stayed here about 20 minutes or so before leaving but I did get a couple pictures before I left. On the way home I stopped at COSCO and got some gas and then hit the drive through at Burger king for lunch. It was about 12:30 when I got home for the rest of the day.

Now it was time to write my blog from yesterday and watch a little TV and COZI TV has 2 hours of Charlies Angels and then 2 hours of Emergency, if you know these shows then you know what good TV is. Now as I said earlier I do need to do some yard work and have been debating about doing it with my makeup on but that would not happen today as it started to rain, it only rained for about 20 minutes but the grass is now way to wet to mow so it will just be a day in the house watching TV.

It was about 5 when I started dinner, as I used the last of my propane yesterday I am going to try pan searing my steak, yes it is steak again tonight as the steak I bought yesterday was just to big for 1 meal. Again, I partially cooked my potato in the microwave before finishing it in the oven. Well my steak came out perfect for a first-time pan searing a steak. I had a wonderful dinner at home, but it would have been so much more fun to be out with my friends. I know I can’t for awhile but this won’t last for every and things will get back to normal and then my friends and I will be able to go out to dinner again and go to the Escape and yes I will be able to go to Starbucks and the mall again.

I will stay up till about 11 tonight before going to bed, tomorrow I will once again spend all Sunday as Susan. this will probably be how I spend the next 4 weekends. I am going to make the best of this lockdown and not let it get to me. I really believe being positive is the best way. I know when I go out as Susan if I am self-confident and act as if this is the most normal thing I can do most people accept that and treat me as I am dressed even though I know they know I am not female. Now as I said in last nights blog had we not had the virous today would have been my first day back from Las Vegas and I would have been spending the next few days just as I am Susan full time. The only difference is I would have acrylic nails and be able to go places. My friends and I will go to Las Vegas in September and I will have acrylic nails then and the good thing is by then I will be able to wear all kinds of pretty earrings. I am really looking forward to that. As I said there is always a silver lining in everything and mine is, I was able to get my ears pierced.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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Friday night and the start of a weekend of Susan

It is Friday and the start of a long weekend at home. Yes, with the coronavirus still going on everything is pretty much shut down and that means a weekend at home again and that also means being Susan for the weekend. Now it looks like this will be the case for at least 4 more weeks. Now again there is good and bad about everything you just must look for the good and as I am kind of the glass half full kind of girl that is what I do. Now I am lucky as I can still work as my job is deemed an essential job, so I am not affected yet but on the bright side there is no traffic now. I get off at 4 and it use to take me till 5:30 or later to get home but now I am home in a half hour, so I decided to start my weekend as Susan on Friday night.

As soon as I got home, I started getting dressed up as Susan and by 5:30 I was happily Susan and started making dinner. once again, I am BBQing a steak and bake potato tonight, now while the grill was heating up, I took the time to paint my nails for the weekend. Now this is the week I should have been in Las Vegas with long pretty, acrylic nails so this is my way of making the best of it, actually, today would be the day Cassandra and would be driving home from Las Vegas. Now we are planning on going to Las Vegas this September between September 9 & 18 and we are hoping to get several girls to go. Well back to my dinner tonight.

I precooked my baked potato part way in the microwave before finishing it on the BBQ grill. Yes, once again I am BBQing on my back deck tonight. It is not a really nice day so I doubt any of my neighbors will be out in their backyards and I am only out there a little to turn my steak as it is a little on the cool side. I really do enjoy BBQing, but this is the first year I have done it as Susan. with my steak done it was time to go inside and eat and I got lucky as I ran out of Propane just before I finished my steak but it turned out really good just a little on the rare side but still perfect.

For tonight I am going to watch James Bond while I eat, Diamonds are forever which is one of my favorite and after this one will be Man with the golden gun, yes, I am a James Bond Fan. It was a fun and relaxing Friday night at home and a good start to my weekend. I watched my movies and stayed up till about 11:30 before going to bed. Now the one sad thing is I forgot to get a picture tonight so I will post one of my favorite pictures from a week ago.

Now as I said earlier I was not able to go to Las Vegas because of everything being pretty much shut down which was sad but as such I was able to get my ears pierced something I have wanted to do for years. It has been almost 2 weeks, 9 days at work with pierced ears and so far only 5 woman and 1 male have said something and all they really said was did you get your ears pierced and I simply said yes it was something I have wanted to do for a few years and was able to do it now and that was it other then 3 of the woman also said it looked good on me. Now they are just small gold studs right now and I really can’t tell they are there unless I touch them, but I can’t wait till I can wear some dangly style earrings.

Well my plan for this weekend is to again try different makeup looks and the focus will be on my eyes specifically my eyebrows. I do a pretty good job on them but there is always room for improvement.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new

Be safe and take care of yourselves.

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