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Twas the Saturday before Christmas at the Escape

Twas the Saturday before Christmas and I am once again going to the Escape. I posted in the group in hopes that others would be there. I started getting ready early, my makeup was done with great care as so I would look my best. I was on my way early and got to the Escape about 5:45 and went in. I set up my computer and then up to the counter to order dinner. They were not very busy as it was still early. I settled down at the table to write my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner. I had just finished it when what to my wondering eyes should appear but Jan and Lynn in their cute Holiday outfits. It was great to see them again. I put my computer away so we could talk. A few minutes later Michele also arrived. They all went up and ordered dinner and as I had just finished, I took my computer out to my car.

We talked a little while and Jan asked if I had heard from Cassandra lately and I said no as this is her busy time of year. Well it could not have been more then a minute and in walks Cassandra, what a surprise. Well Cassandra and I got talking about Diva Las Vegas, we are both planning on going although I still have not got the final okay on my vacation yet. But here is the big issue this year. We use to stay at hotels on the strip but they got so expensive as we usually go for 7 to 9 nights and it always includes at least 1 weekend. Last year we stayed downtown at the Four Queens which does not charge resorts fees and for the 9 nights we were there it was a little over $500, the same hotel on the strip would have been between $1200 and $1500. Well Diva Las Vegas is recommending the Flamingo this year and well Cassandra has gone there several times over the year and because of that she is getting her room free so she booked at the Flamingo so now I am wondering how it will work for me. I can book the Sunday through Thursday night there with the group rate Diva worked out but with resort fees and taxes it would be about $550 but Cassandra is getting there the Thursday before so I would also need 3 more nights including a Friday and Saturday so it will be a little more expensive this year.

Well a little later another girl showed up and her and Cassandra played some pool. Now it is funny as in one of my previous blogs I also put another girl showed up and one of our members e-mailed me her name thinking I forgot which was nice but I write this blog for me and my outings. I only put pictures in it of me or of people who say they don’t mind if I use their picture and the same goes for their name. I do have a friend who has asked me not to use her name or pictures and I have to respect that. Her and her girlfriend use to come out with us all the time, she still comes out pretty regular but her girlfriend only comes out rarely now as they moved outside Portland so it is a little farther. She just does not like her picture or name on the internet and that is fine.

As it got close to 9 it got busier and a party bus pulled up and about 20 people got off all in Christmas outfits, I think they are part of the Santa Con that is going on. They go from bar to bar on a bar crawl and they all dress up in Christmas outfits, it really is cute. Well at 9 karaoke started and it got loud and that was it for Cassandra so she called it a night but it was great to see her again. I really do hope she starts coming out more. Now one of the ladies I met her named Cynthia came over and sat with us for a while and talked with us. She is really nice, as I said I have met some really nice people here. Lynn went up and sang a couple times and even got Jan to go up and sing a duet with her, the song Baby it’s cold outside and they did great. There were actually several Christmas songs tonight which was nice as I love Christmas music.

Just before 10 Lauri showed up and it was good to see her as she has missed the last several, she is usually one I can always count on to be here, so we had 7 of us here tonight. It was fun to sing along with the songs. Now as with all thing it must come to an end, I stayed till about 11:30 before paying my bill and calling it a night.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what I am doing now.

Just a quick update, Sunday night I decided to check rates at the Flamingo and they had a 20% off sale on rooms so I put in the dates Cassandra booked for March 26th to April 3rd and it was a little over $1188 for those 8 nights. Now I have players cards at all the casinos and I always encourage people who go to Las Vegas to get them as you usually get some discounts, usually discount meals or such. Anyway, I decided to login with my card and check the same dates and using my card I was able to book the same 8 nights for $600.98 taxes and fees included, the funny thing is the rooms charge are $250, Resort fees are $280 and the rest are taxes. I really hate the resort fees as I look at it as a way to hide your total cost, how cane fees be more than the rooms. I also checked Four Queens just to compare and I really do like the Four Queens, but it was little over $550 to stay there also for the same 8 days so it really is not that much more at the Flamingo with my players card. If you go to Las Vegas get the players cards. I am looking forward to Diva Las Vegas and hope to see some of you there.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone

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