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Wednesday night dinner at Mama Mia Trattoria

It is Wednesday and I can once again start going out again although the next two weeks Wednesdays are Christmas Day and New Years Day so this will be our last Wednesday night dinner of 2019 so I was really looking forward to it. We are going to Mama Mia Trattoria downtown. The group has gone here before a couple times but this will be my first time and I really do like going to new places. Melissa had made reservations for 7. I got home a little earlier so I had time tonight to take my time and enjoy getting ready, there is just something so relaxing about transforming myself. I got downtown about 6:45 and found a parking spot about a block away. It still amazes me how easily I get out of the car now without even really thinking about it.

I got to Mama Mia a little before 7 and they were not busy and Melissa and Danika were already there. We sat and talked as we waited for others to show up. I did take the opportunity to get a quick selfie. It wasn’t long and Barb and another girl showed up and finally Jeanie and her girlfriend Amy so we had 7 of us tonight. We talked for a little bit before we ordered dinner. I of course got the Chicken Parmesan, one of my favorites. Now this is more of a mid-priced place mostly between $20 & $30 but the portions are bigger. We all talked for a while and the big topic was Melissa as she came out to her Mom over the weekend and we were all interested. Well it went really well so we were all happy for that. Then the topic turned to Christmas and New Years and everyone’s plans for the Holidays as this will be the last time, we see each other probably till next year as some are going out of town. I of course will be going to the Escape on Saturday but the girls that come out on Wednesday nights don’t get out very often on the weekends. It is funny as when I first started going out the big night was Friday and now, I don’t think anyone goes out on Fridays. And although we can get some big turnouts on Saturday nights, they can also be very small. Our Wednesday night dinners seem to be our most consistent for turnouts, usually 6 to 10. Who would have thought that years ago that just going to a restaurant for dinner mid-week would turn into our best event?

Our food came and it was really good and again our waiter was really nice and treated us wonderful. It really is nice we can go any place we want and we really do get treated well. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation and just enjoyed being out as a group. Now as I said they were not busy so after we ate, we just sat and talked. It turns out Danika, Jeanie and Amy all lived in the same city in Northern California. Our waiter came to see if we wanted dessert and of course we all did but we were all good and passed tonight as with the Holidays we will all be eating a lot of sweets and today at work several people brought in cookie trays and fudge trays and I had to be polite and eat some so I really didn’t want any tonight. I really am trying to limit my sugar intake and eat a little healthier. Any way we all passed and just kept talking till 9 as that is when they close. Now they don’t just kick you out as they have to clean up but we didn’t want to keep them from cleaning up so we all paid our bills and we were on our way.

We all said our goodbyes as we left. Now Barb, Danika and I all parked a block a way in the same direction so we all walked together talking. Just 3 ladies walking down the street. We were all on different corners of the intersection so we all went our separate ways. It is always sad to see these evenings come to an end but with the holidays it will be at least 3 weeks till our next Wednesday night dinner and that makes it especially tough as I really do miss my friends when I don’t get to see them.

It was about 9:45 when I got home and cleaned up and washed all traces of Susan away before bed. N ow I will look forward to Saturday night at the Escape and I really do need to start going to Starbucks again. Probably won’t happen before Christmas but that will be one of my New Years resolutions. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what Susan is doing now.

Just in case I am slow in getting my next Blog out I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New

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