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Friday night dinner at Jakes Grill

Yes, this week we are mixing it up and doing a Friday night dinner Jakes Grill. I have been busy the last month in a half on Wednesday nights so this week we are doing a Friday night dinner. I like to think it is all about me but in reality, a couple of the girls couldn’t do Wednesday this week and Nicole is in town this week and could also do Friday night so we changed it up a little. This is going to be our Christmas dinner as Christmas is almost here and we are not sure we will be able to do a dinner next week being the week before Christmas and then the next two weeks are Christmas and New Years and this year they fall on Wednesday so this may be our last dinner this year. Now Melissa set this one up, thanks Melissa for making the reservations. Friday and Saturday nights are hard as most restaurants are busy and you really do need to have a reservation and need people to show up. Jakes Grill is a little pricier with dinners mostly between $30 and $60 although they do have a couple things around the $20, not some place I could afford all the time but once in a while it is nice to treat yourself to a really nice meal. I kind of look at it the same way I do when I treat myself to a pedicure or manicure. Now luckily our reservations are for 7:15 which gives me a little more time which I would need tonight.

I got home about 5:50 so it was a rush to get ready, the big thing was my dress which I picked out last night and that always speeds things up. now it was funny as at Who Songs last week I was telling a few of the girls about things I have forgotten getting ready, mostly jewelry but once I did get in my car without my hair and had to go back inside. Now I know you are thinking how can you forget something like that and I will tell you. Over the years I have gotten my routine down and I do things in the same order every time. If I get out of that order then it is easy to miss something. Well tonight was no exception. I got a phone call as I was doing my makeup and when I went back to getting ready, I missed my eyebrows. Not a big thing but I knew it although I doubt if anyone else even noticed. I was on my way at 6:30 and got downtown at 7 and went right for a parking garage as there was a lot of traffic in the city. Now it is only a b lock in a half away from Jakes so not that far so I wore my open toed heels with my dress as they really do look cute with the dress I wore tonight and they only have 3-inch heels. Now for the bad part I had to park on the 5th floor of the parking garage which in it self is not that bad but they are doing work on this garage and to my disappointment the elevators were out of order so I had to walk down 5 flights of stairs. I got to Jakes right at 7:15 and Nicole, Melissa and her wife were already there. As I expected they were busy to so it was good we had a reservation. It wasn’t long and Jennifer and her wife showed up so we had 7 of us tonight.

Now this is the first time our group has gone here and the first time I have ever been here so I was really looking forward to it. I really do love going new places. Our waiter came over and got our drink orders and he was really nice, as always, we got really good service as did all the tables around us. I ordered a steak tonight and it was really good. We all sat and talked and had a wonderful time. I really do like these dinners like this as we get to visit like everyone else here having dinner. It is such a normal thing to do and it can be hard at times to feel that way. I really do feel comfortable as Susan and she really is a big part of my life and for the most part when I am out, I really am not thinking about the fact I am Transgender but it has taken me a long time to feel this way. These dinners really do give the Susan side of my life a normality that I never thought I would find. After we ate our waiter brought the dessert menu and I was good and was not going to have anything till I saw the triple berry cheese cake and I gave in. now it really is not that bad as it had fresh Raspberries, Blueberries and Marion berries on it so I chose to look at it as healthy for the fresh fruit. We actually sat here a long time just talking as it was after 10 when we called it a night well almost did.

Melissa brought up we were only a few block, 4 blocks from Pioneer Courthouse Square where the have the big Christmas tree. Now it may seem funny as I have lived here for over 40 years and have only been to Pioneer Courthouse square maybe a dozen times and never at Christmas so Melissa, her wife, Nicole and I walked down there to check it out. Now yes, I had my heels and had not planned on that much walking but it wasn’t that bad. The worst part were my feet got cold as it was mid 40’s and I had open toed heels and there really is no insulation between your foot and the pavement. Heels are not designed to keep your feet warm, the price of cute shoes. As late as it was there were still a lot of people out down here and we were just part of the crowd.

Now of course being here at this time of year I had to get a picture so Nicol took a few of me with the tree in the background, it’s a big tree so we had to cut some off. I really do need to work on my poses for pictures as I just seem to look so stiff. I really did have on a cute dress but as it was cold, I had to wear my coat but still not a bad picture. B y the way you can see my cute heels and see why my feet were cold. Once I had my pictures, I took some of Nicole also, I mean how often do you get this chance. I asked Melissa if she wanted some pictures and she said no but her wife did so I took some pictures of her wife with the tree in the background and then I talked Melissa into getting some pictures so we all went home with pictures with the tree in the background. Would have been a great place to get a group picture. I really do love this time of year, yes, I am one of those people who would celebrate Christmas year-round and also listen to Christmas music.

Now we had the 4 blocks walk back to the parking garage, yes, we all parked in the same one. Melissa and her wife got a spot on the first floor, I am on the 5th and Nicole is on the 6th. It was a lot of walking in heels and we finished it with me walking up 5 flights of stairs. When we were at the kiosk to pay there was another couple waiting behind us and the lady said she loved my heels but she didn’t do them anymore. I thanked her as I do love getting compliments. We all said our goodbyes although I will see Nicole tomorrow at the Escape and Melissa on Wednesday most likely for dinner. It was almost 11 now so a late night for a dinner night, thankfully it was a Friday night and it would be even later as there was an accident on the freeway so it was like being in rush hour again and then once I got past that they opened the bridge so it took me almost an hour to get home so by the time I got cleaned up and in bed it was almost 12:30. Such a fun night though.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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  1. Hi Susan. Just finished reading the post from your Friday night dinner at Jake’s.
    Sounds like you had a great time!!
    I absolutely love your pictures from Pioneer Courthouse Square. What a festive setting 🎄🎄and you look absolutely GORGEOUS.
    Hopefully I will be able to get down your way soon.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and the best for holiday season.
    Always your friend
    Charlene 💕💕

    Comment by Charlene Peterson | December 16, 2019 | Reply

  2. […] Escape about 5:30 and went in and got my normal table and ordered some food and sat down and wrote my blog from Friday night, we had our Christmas dinner at Jakes Grill. Now I posted in the group I would be here but no one […]

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