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Wednesday night dinner at Podnah’s pit BBQ

This weeks Wednesday night dinner is at Podnah’s Pit BBQ, this is a new place and none of us have gone here before so we are looking forward to it. It will be a smaller turnout as it is the night before Thanksgiving. Now I can go this week because of the holiday so I am looking forward to it. Now I got home late almost 6 so it would be a rush as dinner is at 7. It took me about 40 minutes to get ready and out the door. I was parking at 7 so I was just a little late as I had about a block walk.

I got there and Melissa, her wife, Jennifer and another girl was there already so I was the last to show up but we did have 5 of us out tonight. Now it is a smaller place but very friendly. I would say it is very similar to Southland Whiskey Kitchen which we go to all the time. Our waitress came over and took our order and she was really nice but not overly nice and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Our group goes out all the time and we always get wonderful service and most of the time it seems we maybe get better service then tables around us and I often wonder if it is because we are transgender and if they are worried about maybe offending us or just really curious about us and want more interaction with us. Our waitress tonight was awesome but she really treated us no different than the other people here. We all ordered, I had the Chicken fried steak.

Our food came and it was good. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversations. It was a nice night out with friends and we had a great time. I would recommend this place if you like BBQ food. it was about 8:30 when we finished and called it a night as tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am sure we all have busy days. I got home about 9 and I wanted to do a little cleaning as I have family coming over tomorrow so I just started cleaning as Susan.

Now years ago, when I didn’t go out as Susan and big day was sitting around the house as Susan watching TV or cleaning so it was kind of reminiscing of years ago. Well anyway about 10 I had some things to take out to the recycling container so I walked out the front door still in my dress and heels and as I walked out my neighbor’s car was driving by. Well I figured it would look strange to just turn around and walk back into the house so I just kept going and didn’t look their way. N ow the one thing I didn’t think about is I live on a dead-end street so as I walked across my drive by the garage door, they actually pulled into my drive to turn around and I was caught in their headlights. I never looked their way just continued as I was and they backed out and drove off. Now the good news is the car came from my neighbors next door who does know about me but I don’t think it was my neighbor.

Well it was a good night and I enjoyed my time as Susan. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for reading my blog and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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