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Saturday night at Escape a little quiet and an update about my vacation

It is Thursday evening and I finally get time to write my blog from last Saturday. I was able to go out and I was looking forward to it as this coming week I will be really busy so I started getting ready early to get a little more time. Now it is the Saturday before Halloween and I did think about wearing a costume but instead just went with a different color of hair. I was ready by a little after 5 and got there about 5:30 and got a couple pictures in the car before going in. I don’t wear this hair very often as I just not sure how it looks on me. I really need to do a darker foundation to make it look right. Now I also wore my tight short little black dress and yes, I had my corset on to give me all the right curves.

I walked in and Melissa one of the employees told me how nice I looked and she loved my hair and I got the same from Trixie. Now I always love to get compliments. Well I set up my computer and ordered some food, I had pancakes again this week. I sat down and was pleasantly surprise as Rachael came over and sat down to talk to me, she was in male mode tonight. Now I saw and talked to her briefly a few weeks ago as she was leaving when I got there, also in male mode but tonight we were able to talk for a while. I think I met her back in late 2006 or early 2007 when I was lucky to get out a couple times a year. She is hoping to get out as Rachel again maybe in the next few weeks. Well she finally had to leave and I was once again by myself at the table.

Now they had the Washington Cougars, Oregon Ducks football game on one TV and the world Series on the big screen which is more what I was watching. Now 2 ladies came over and asked if they could sit at the table and watch the football game so I said sure as it was nice to have someone else at the table as I worked on my blog and watched the game. Well we actually got talking, turns out one of them is a Cougars fan and the other a Ducks fan. It was nice to talk with them and I really do enjoy meeting new people. At 9 Karaoke started and they turned off the Football game so they moved to the bar to watch the game on the TV in the corner. Now it was getting busy and was after 9 and still no one from our group tonight. I listened to the singers and figured I would stay till at least 10 to see if Lauri showed up.

Soon it was 10 and still no one else made it out tonight so about 10:15 I called it a night and went up to the bar and paid my bill. 2 ladies at the bar started talking to me and told me how nice I looked, actually what they said was they had noticed my shape (curves) ad thought I had the perfect figure, hips, waist and shoulders. I thanked them and admitted I had a corset on and they said they were wondering but I looked wonderful. We talked for a while before I left, it was actually a fun night.

Now I was hoping to go to dinner Wednesday night but got home late and just couldn’t make it so I was a little disappointed especially since I won’t make it out this coming Saturday. I actually have next week off work and when I originally took it off my plan was to spend the whole week as Susan but now things have come up and I will get a lot of Susan time but I will have time I won’t be able to see Susan. my plan was to go to the nail salon and get a manicure and polish put on my nails for the week. For the last few weeks I have been using OPI nail envy hardener and letting my natural nails grow and they are looking great and a little long. Well on my way home Wednesday my low tire light came on and unfortunately you don’t know which tire so I had to check them all and make sure all were full which is not easy when it is dark and yes you guessed it; I broke 2 nails. I was devastated and I can only think it was because of the length. So today at work I was trying to decide what to do with my nails. Well today at work I yet broke another nail, my 3rd in two days. So tonight, I got home and filed all my nails down. Now they still look nice but they are only 1/8 of an inch maybe instead of the ¼ inch they were. They would still look nice with polish but now I am thinking about getting acrylics for the week. I can get them done on Sunday afternoon and could keep them till Friday night although during the week there are a couple things I have to do as my male self but my hands wouldn’t really be visible so I am thinking about it. After all years ago I would get them done on a Friday night and removed on Sunday afternoon. Either way I will be at the nail salon Sunday for either a manicure and red polish or Acrylic nails.

If I do Acrylics, I have narrowed it down to 2 options. What I am kind of thinking is the French fade and then red polish over it. That way I can have the red I love and later in the week when I have things I have to do as my male self I
could remove the red polish to just the French fade for the rest of the week. Yes, I am leaning to the Acrylics. So, I will put it out, if I do get them this Sunday which one do you my readers think I should get?

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  1. The French Fade is beautiful and a more manageable length than the other. The red IS pretty though…😊

    Comment by Tanit Richards | November 1, 2019 | Reply

  2. […] a young lady sat down to do my nails. She asked what I wanted so I showed her the picture of the French fade from my last blog and said this is what I was looking for. She replied a coffin shape and I said yes. I wanted to […]

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