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Saturday night at the Escape they had a drag show

It is Saturday and yes that means going to the Escape tonight. I have said many times Susan is a big part of who I am but she is not all of who I am. I need both my male and female side to feel complete. Now my male side is never a problem fitting in but Susan can be sometimes and when I have to go for a time without letting her out it does have an impact on me and how I feel and so I try to express that side of me on a regular basis. I try to go out every Saturday night and for Wednesday dinners and I am trying to get back into my Sunday afternoon at Starbucks. I really need at least once a week of Susan time but twice is better. There really is something calming and relaxing about being able to express part of who you are when you for the most part have to hide it especially when you hid it completely for most of your younger life. That being said I was looking forward to tonight. I actually got done with my stuff early and so I got to start getting ready early which gave me time to enjoy my transformation to Susan. I was actually ready and, on my way, by a little after 5 and got to the Escape about 5:30. Being early I did find 1 spot open in front so I took it. I got a quick selfie in the car before going in.

They had the two big tables reserved for a birthday party so I took one of the smaller tables and set up my computer and then ordered dinner, well tonight I had their breakfast, eggs, bacon ad pancakes. I worked on my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner till my food came. The table I was at was small so I had to put my computer away while I ate. Once I finished eating, I went back and finished my blog and posted it. Just as I was posting it Michele showed up so once I was done, I took my computer out to my car as I really had no place for it with other people at the table. I sat and talked with Michele a little till Bobbie showed up. Well I am not sure what happened but Trixie said one of the big tables was open and took down the reserve signs so we moved over there, way pore comfortable sitting in a chair with a back at a big table then on a hi bar stool where your feet don’t touch the ground. Now we noticed a Drag Queen on the other side and soon a few more showed up. Well it turns out this weekend the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon was electing their 61 Rose Empress, yes Portland I think is the oldest event like this. Well one of the girls running for Rose Empress got some of her friends and they are here tonight to do a drag show and yes campaign for her. She was really nice and came around and met everyone. I wish I could remember her name, any way she was encouraging everyone to go to Darcelle’s on Sunday and vote. I probably would have but I don’t live in the right counties. Any way the show went from a little after 7:30 till about 8:30 and it was pretty good. I think they had 10 or 12 performers. It was pretty busy at this point as there were a lot of people who came in for this.

Kris also showed up as di Lee and her sister. It was early summer the last time I saw Lee out so it was good to see her again and tall with her and so wonderful her sister is supportive of her got a good chance to talk with them and got to know her sister a little, they are both wonderful people. I really like this part of going out. A little later 3 of Lee friends showed up all female and young. For someone who doesn’t get out much she sure has some supportive friends. Karaoke started and it got loud, yes, the table we were at was right under one of the speakers so it was hard to talk but it was still fun. As it got close to 10 Lauri showed up as did another girl from our group so we had a pretty good turnout tonight. We had a fun night and as always it went by way to fast. Before I knew it, it was 11:30. It was sad to see the night come to an end so I paid my bill and said my goodbyes. Now Lee, her sister and friends were also leaving but they were going someplace else. I remember the days when I stayed out late, I just can’t do it anymore. So, as they prepared to go somewhere else, I got in my car and headed home for a date with my bed. I don’t think of it as being old I just call it prioritizing my lifes needs.

I will be out tomorrow on Sunday for some Starbucks time and Susan time and then I will be looking forward to Wednesday nights dinner. I really think going out Wednesday and Saturday is the perfect balance as the most I have to go is 3 days without being Susan and that keeps both my male and female sides happy and healthy.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life. Have a wonderful Columbus Day Monday especially if you have it off work.


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