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Wednesday night dinner at Rock Bottom

It is Wednesday once again and that means I get to go out with my friends for dinner, one of my most favorite things to do. I look back just a little over 10 years, 2008 and before and going out was just a dream mostly. Then I found our wonderful group the Rose City T-Girls and my life really changed. Not only was I able to go out on a regular basis but I met some people who really have become friend and actually some of them are my best friends. Back then it was just the thought I might be able to go out now I go out to dinner with my friends like anyone else. I would say it is almost common place but that would take away from how special this time is with my friends. Now tonight we were going to the Rock Bottom in Portland and they have really good food and always a fun time. Now today I would get home late so it would be a rush to get ready and be down town Portland by 7. I got home about 5:10 and started getting ready. I like to pick Julie up so we can ride together but for that it means I need to leave my house by 5:45 and I was not sure I could do that so I didn’t text her and I figured I would see where I was when I was done with my makeup. I was just finishing and git a text From Julie to see if I was going to be late. It was about 5:35 and all I had to do was get dressed now so I texted her I could pick her up if she wanted I figured I would be ready to leave in 10 minutes which would put me right at 5:45. She said yes so I texted her I would be there hopefully by 6:15 and I finished getting dressed.

Traffic was not bad and I got to Julies about 6:10 and went in. she was just finishing getting ready, we talked briefly and then we were on our way. The good thing about this time of night is everyone is headed out of Portland and not into it so traffic was good and we got downtown about 6:45 and I went to the parking garage a block away to park. It was a nice walk over to the Rock Bottom; it still amazes me I can walk the city streets as Susan without even thinking about it now. They were not busy and were able to seat us right away so Julie and I went and sat down. It was only a few minutes and Jennifer showed up followed by Barb and then Patty and her girlfriend Kelly and then Jeanie so we had 7 of us tonight. Again, looking back 10 years 7 of us out was a big night even going to Embers an LGBT club on a Friday or a Saturday and now we can get 5 to 10 on a Wednesday night dinner at just a restaurant. We talked for a little bit before we ordered our dinner. I of course got my Chicken fried Chicken which is awesome but they have other good food here also. I did get a quick selfie at the table.

We sat and talked as we waited for our food and the group was small enough that almost everyone could get in on the conversation. Julie and I sat more to the middle so we could be in all conversations. Patty’s girlfriend Kelly sat next to me so tonight I got a good chance to talk with her and get to know her which was nice. I really like this as it is nice to get a genetic girl’s perspective on this and she is very supportive of Patty which is nice. I know we all want someone to accept us for who we are and we or at least I think it should be easy if someone really cares about you, they should accept you for who you are but life is not always that simple. Now I tend to dress how I find women attractive. I am drawn to woman who have nice long nails, longer hair, nice makeup and yes red lipstick. Women who wear dresses or skirts and high heels. Now I am not saying I wouldn’t date or get to know a woman who doesn’t dress this way but this is what catches my attention. I will also admit if I was involved with a woman like this and one day I came home and she had on a short hair wig, maybe a beard or mustache and was trying to look like a man it would shock me. Now I would like to think I would be supportive of her but that being said I would also need to have her sometime be the lady and do the makeup and what I am saying is the woman that can accept this in their partner are wonderful and those that can also support them and even share it with them they are truly awesome and we have some truly awesome wives and girlfriend to some of our girls in the group.

Our food came and it was awesome as always and our waiter was wonderful and treated us awesome, always addressed us as ladies. Now there has been a lot on line about using the correct gender. Yes, I think everyone should be addressed how they identify and people should respect that as that is just good manners and being polite and treating people with respect. That being said I also realize people are human and will make mistakes and I look to when I go to Diva Las Vegas. I travel with Cassandra but while we are traveling, she is in boy mode. To me she is Cassandra and her or she and I have a hard time using anything else. We are not perfect. Now this is where I will get in trouble. There are those out there that just refuse to use anything other then your birth gender and if they are doing it on purpose that is wrong as they should not do that. This makes them a jerk or what ever other 4 letter word you want to put in but the one thing it does not do is make them a criminal. I cannot support arresting them or fining them for this, I still believe in our right to freedom of speech. Cities that have these laws are wrong, think of it this way in one of these cities someone can call you every nasty discussing name, put you down and scream at you and they are just exercising their right but if they miss gender you they can be arrested. It is wrong but we have certain freedoms in this country and I am not willing to take someone’s rights away as I don’t want anyone to take my rights away. My opinion only for what it is worth.

We had a nice dinner and then sat and talked till after 9 as we usually do. These Wednesday night dinners are so much fun and go by so fast. It was about 9:30 when we called it a night and we all left. It really was a fun night and now I got to drive Julie home so for us the night was not over. We were able to talk some more on the ride back to her house. I really enjoy this as soon she will head south for warmer weather for the winter and I will not get to see her as often and that will be sad. It was just before 10 when I dropped her off at her house and headed for home myself. What a wonderful night.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life. I am also going to take a week off in early November as I have some vacation time to use. Not sure what I will do but I know some of it will be Susan time.

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