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A Saturday night dinner out with friends at Irving Street Kitchen

It is Saturday and normally I go to the Escape which is fun and I get to hang out with friends but tonight we are doing a dinner with just a couple of us. Now we have talked about maybe doing a Saturday night dinner once a month or so but that can take a little more effort as on a weekend you really need to make reservations so you need an accurate head count. Any way ate last Wednesday night dinner we talked about it a little, well Julie and I as Melissa was not able to make it this weekend so Julie and I decided to go have dinner and try someplace new, I let Julie pick as she knows more about places to eat. Now I had texted Cassandra to try to get her to come out to Wednesday dinner as it has been a while since she has been out but she couldn’t make it but she did say she might try for Saturday so I dangled the carrot in front of her that Julie and I were going to go out for dinner thinking that might give her the extra push to try to get out.

Friday night Julie texted me we had reservations at 7:15 at Irving Street Kitchen which to be honest I had never heard of, again the reason I let Julie pick. I texted her back to see what tie I should pick her up just assuming we would ride together and also mentioned I had tried to talk Cassandra into going. Well it turns out Julie had also texted Cassandra and she was going so she made reservations for 3. It was going to be an awesome knight out and like any woman I was already going through my mind as what dress I would wear and how I wanted to look. It really is so funny as when I go out as my male self, there really is little thought put onto what I wear but that is not true for Susan. I actually went through 3 dresses and finally settled on my red and black one. Now with that picked out I knew how I wanted to do my makeup. Yes, for the most part my makeup is the same other than lipstick shade and subtle changes in eyeshadow and blending of it, I kind of have my look. The main thing is instead of the bright red lipstick I love I went for a darker red more of a brick red but a very nice shade.

I was on my way to Julie’s a few minutes before 6, I did get a couple selfies in the car just in case I forget to get pictures later. Again, it is funny as when I first started going out everyone had their cameras and we all took so many pictures. Now I don’t even think about it. I think it is because Susan is such a normal part of my life and who I am. Now the funny story as the weather was bad today, we had a couple thunder storms go through. While I was getting ready, I could hear the thunder and see the flashes of lightning and hear the rain pounding on the roof and a couple times my lights flickered. Well it turns out both Julie and Cassandra lost power, Cassandra for just a little while but Julie had to get ready and do most of her makeup with flashlights and a small mirror Infront of the window. Julie’s power came on abut 10 minutes before I got there so she was able to finish up and double check everything with lights on. It was almost 6:30 when we left for dinner.

We got downtown and we were wondering about parking as this part of town is busy and it is a weekend night but luck was with us as we parked right across the street from the front door. We walked in and Julie checked on our reservation as we were about 15 minutes early so we sat at the bar and waited for Cassandra. Cassandra showed up about 5 minutes later and it was great to see her again, I really do have wonderful friends and Julie and Cassandra are probably my best friends. We have done things together both as our female selves and also our male selves. They really know the most about who I am in all sides of my life, I never would have thought this possible 10 years ago. Now Irving street kitchen is a nice place, looks like it was built in an old warehouse very open but very nice inside. It is a cool place to go.

We were shown to our table and our waitress was awesome as really everyone here. We looked over the menu to see what we wanted. now the menu is a little limited and it is higher priced than we normally go to so not sure it would be good for the whole group. Any way they had several things that talking to our waitress she said could be more of a family style well enough to share so that is what we did, we got their beef ribs which was a lot of food and a few side dishes to share and we really had more food then we could eat. We had a wonderful dinner and even got in a conversation with a couple next to us, they were visiting from Austin Texas. Julie talked with the wife for a while and Cassandra and I talked with the husband. It really was fun.

Again, the night went by so fast and soon it was 9:30. I just can’t believe how fast time goes when I am Susan. we paid or bills yes, the waitress split it up and let each of us put a 1/3 on our credit cards which was nice as I don’t carry cash very often. Now it was time to say goodbye and leave but as Julie and I rode together our night was not over yet. We got back to Julie’s a little after 10 and she said she had some ice cream inside if I wanted to come in and as it was Saturday night and I love ice cream and I got to spend more time with Julie how could I say no. we went inside and Julie dished up some ice cream and we just sat and talked. It didn’t seem like that long but tie did get way from us as before we knew it, it was mid night. wow the night went so fast. I thanked Julie for the ice cream and it was time to leave, it was a late night. it was after 12:30 when I got home and after 1 am by the time I was cleaned up and in bed but what a wonderful evening we had. And yes, I forgot about getting pictures so the selfies I took was all I had. I really wish we had got a picture of the 3 of us at the restaurant. I really hope we can do this again.

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