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Wednesday night dinner at Le Bistro Montage

It is Wednesday and that can only mean one thing, Wednesday night dinner and tonight we are going to Le Bistro Montage, last time was back in June. We have gone here a few times before and it is really good food and atmosphere and wonderful service but than our group seems to get good service every where we go. Now it can be a rush on Wednesday as I get home so late but today I was able to sneak out early so I got home a little before 4:30 which was nice as it gave me more time to get ready and enjoy it but also I would have time to pick Julie up if she wanted to ride with me which I figured she would as it is way more fun to go together and have someone to talk with on the ride. I texted her to see and I was right so I told her I would pick her up between 6 & 6:15. It really is not that much out of my way and as I said way more fun. Now again 12 years ago I would never have thought about this as I wouldn’t let anyone know anything about me really including what kind of car I drove. But things have changed and I am way more open with my friends and some of them are my best friends and I love and trust them so much.

I started getting ready right after I texted Julie. I can’t explain the feeling I get as I slowly transform into Susan, there is just something so relaxing and therapeutic about doing my makeup and becoming Susan. I have a hole different outlook on life as if all the things in my male life just go away. I really love that feeling and for a few hours nothing else matters and that is a wonderful feeling. I am not saying you have to dress up or become someone else but find something in your life that you can feel this way about. I was ready a little after 5:30 and on my way. Now as I said it is not really out of my way at least by distance but it does ad a little more time but that is okay as I so look forward to the time I get to spend with Julie and my friends. I got to Julies a little after 6 and Julie was just finishing getting ready so it was perfect timing. We talked for a couple of minutes before we were on our way to dinner, two girlfriends out for dinner with more friends. Now we had 9 or 10 say they would be here tonight but things come up and this week was bad as we were down to just 4 of us now. We got there about 6:40 and parked about a block away and walked over together and Melissa had just got there so we went in.

They were not busy at least not yet so we were shown to a table, now what is cool is they have some smaller tables that seat 8 to 10 bit they also have a couple big tables that seat 20 or more and that is where they put most people so we were at one long table with people either side of us, they did leave a seat or two between people but it is a nice dinning experience as you kind of feel you are part of a bigger group. Now as we waited for Jeanie to show up, I got a couple pictures including this one with Julie that just turned out so cute. Jeanie showed up just a couple minutes after 7 so we were all there. Now I do like it when we can get a big group out but it is also nice when there are small groups as it is easier for everyone to be involved in the same conversation. Melissa and Julie sat across from Jeanie and myself so it was very easy to talk with everyone.

Our waiter came to take our order and I did think about something different but in the end, I had the same thing I do every time I have come here their chicken fried steak which is really good. Now about 7:30 people started coming in and it got a little busy which is nice as I really like to be out with other people as I think, hope they can see we are really no different other then how we present ourselves. We were just 4 friends out for dinner.

Our food came and it was awesome, Melissa also ordered the same thing she had last time she was here. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation and just a delightful evening of friendship. Now it was time for desert and I was so looking forward to their Oreo cheesecake but they did not have it tonight instead they had a praline cheesecake with cinnamon so I ordered that and everyone helped me eat it. It was really good but I still like the Oreo Cheesecake better and I hoe they get that back by the next time we come here. It really is amazing how fast the night went and soon it was 9:30 and yes dark outside as Fall is here and the days are shorter. It is funny as years ago I loved the fall and winter as it got dark early, yes back then Susan would not leave her house till it was dark outside. Now I will go out anytime so I really like the summer better. We all paid our bills and it was time to go our separate way. We said our goodbyes at the door and Julie and I walked back to my car. Julie and I got a little more time together as I drove back to her place to drop her off. It was such a fun night. it was about 10 when I dropped her off and headed for home and the end of my Susan time. It really is sad when I get home and have to go back to my male self.

Now I do get people who read that and think I am talking about transitioning and no that is not what I mean as I am happy with and need both sides of me, male and female to be complete. What I mean is it is like when you come back from Vacation. You hate that it is over but you know it can’t go on forever. You go back to your regular life and look forward to your next vacation, it is kind of like that. I know that Susan will be out again and soon as I try to get out 2 to 3 times a week as I really do need that special Susan time. It is both sides that make me the complete person I am.

Tghanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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