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A rainy Sunday and some Susan time

It is Sunday and it is a rainy day as I fear more will be as we head into fall and then the winter. What better way to spend the day than as Susan at Starbuck’s writing my blog from last night at the escape, people watching and watching the rain out the window. It was a little after 3 when I got home and transformed myself into Susan, so much fun. I was out the door a little after 4 and got to Starbucks a few minutes later. It really is nice to be going to the one so close to where I live. I do see people I know occasionally but I just keep my head down as I work on my computer and pay them no attention and they don’t notice me. Now I did have to park out away as they once again look busy. I guess everyone had the same thought as me on a rainy day. I got inside and there were a lot of people, about 6 in line to order. There were several small tables in the middle but only one along the window so I put my computer on it and went and stood in line to order. The young lady at the counter remembered me although she couldn’t remember my name and felt bad. I told her my name and said it wasn’t an issue. Now with the weather I went for a hot chocolate today.

I sat down and got my computer out to start my blog from last night, instead of calling my name the young lady brought me my hot chocolate which was so nice. Now with a warm drink I sat doing my blog and watching the rain out the window. Now don’t get me wrong Susan really is a warmer, dryer weather girls but I do enjoy watching the rain and storms out the window if I don’t have to be out in them. I finished my blog and caught up on some e-mails. I looked and found Lauri’s e-mail so I could e-mail as she has missed the last 3 Saturday nights and she is probably the most regular one to show up. The Transgender world is still a pretty private place and a lot of girls don’t share a lot about themselves so it can be hard to check on each other. It was a relaxing afternoon and yes, I did want to do some shopping but being Sunday the 2 places I wanted to go to closed at 6 and I just didn’t want to leave Starbucks that early. Now I did get a couple selfie’s, one in the car and one inside Starbucks. I don’t know if it is the lightening inside (it must be) but I cannot get a good-looking picture inside. Maybe the glare from the windows or the lights they have but I have taken pictures holding the phone the same way, same angle, same distance and not one of the pictures from inside looks good. It is funny as everyone always tells me I never take a bad picture but I can assure you I do, I just don’t post them, the advantage of having a blog, you can control what you post.

Now I was here for a few hours and yes, a couple people I knew came in but I just kept my head down to my computer and didn’t look at them and I don’t think they even noticed me. It really is a relaxing way to pass an afternoon and way more fun then just sitting at home. I left Starbucks a little after 7 so there was no shopping as the places, I wanted to go don’t stay open that late on Sundays so instead I decided to stop at Subway and get something to eat. The one I normally go to is going to close soon as I guess they are just not that busy. Yes, I go to this one both as my male self and Susan, probably the only place both sides of me go. My plan was to eat there but it was 7:20 when I got there and it turns out they close at 7:30 so I got my food to go.

I went home and ate before cleaning up and back to my male self. It was a relaxing afternoon. Now I am looking forward to Wednesday night dinner as we are going to Southland Whiskey Kitchen. Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what I am up to now.

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  1. […] nice. Now as I said we have come here many times and always treated wonderful; the last time was a little over a month ago and the waitress we had that night who we have had several times before came over and talked to me, […]

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  2. Hi Susan,
    So nice to read your blogs.
    What amazes me about your Starbuck visits, is the way you reserve your seat by putting your computer on the table before getting your drink. I wouldn’t dare leave my machine, or anything else, out of sight and reach even for a few seconds. It must be very relaxing to have such a safe environment at the places you visit.

    Stay safe,
    Hugs, Anna.

    Comment by Anna Arendt | October 3, 2019 | Reply

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