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Small group for Saturday night at the Escape

It is Saturday and yes that means I get to go out to the Escape but before I get into today’s blog, I have a brief political statement so if you don’t want to read my thoughts skip to the next paragraph. There have been 2 mass shooting in the last 2 days and one last week and everyone is politicizing it for their point of view. My 2 cents, first it is not the gun that committed these crimes it is the person, they are to blame. It is not the parent’s fault, societies fault, not his gender, sex, races fault, the fault is solely the person doing the shooting. Blaming anyone else or anything else is. Second, we need to get away from calling them white racist, blacks, whites or what ever else you can throw in as all this does is give them what they want, fame. The one in Texas has his name and picture all over the internet with all the stuff he was posting and looking at and that just gives others ideas. All that should have been said was a criminal (or terrorist if you like) killed people. Anything more just impowers them and people like them. Call him the suspect, killer, terrorist but not his name or what group he belongs to or supports. Now back to my regularly scheduled blog

I got home a little later today so it will be closer to 6 when I get to the Escape but that is okay. Now a few people have asked why I like going here so much as I pretty much go here every week and it really is not about the Escape although it is a wonderful, friendly place, it I about having something that is consistent for our members. Our Wednesday night dinners rotate so you really must be following the post to know where we will be plus for some of the newer girls it can be intimidating to go into some place they have never been. The girls all know that on a Saturday night there will almost always be someone here at the Escape from our group. Now I started getting ready and I was ready by 5:30 and on my way. I got to the Escape just before 6 and went in and it was really quiet. About 6 people sitting at the bar and that was it, so I got my normal table and ordered dinner.

I got out my computer and wrote my blog from Wednesday night’s dinner at Rock Bottom as I ate. After that I caught up on e-mails and just played on my computer. Kris was the only one who posted she would be here although one other girl said she might try, and I am pretty sure Lauri will be here around 10. Now it was almost 8 when Kris showed up which was nice as the battery on my laptop was just about done and now, I had someone to talk with, it was a lot of fun. Soon it was 9 and time for Karaoke and the crowd was still small. Kris asked if I wanted to sing with her and as the crowd was small, I figured why not so she showed me her play list on her phone and as she was scrolling I saw the song To Sir with Love and this song had 3 things I liked, first I new it, second it is a slow song so you don’t have to sing fast, and last it is only 2:35 long so I told her I would do that one so she went up and put our names in.

Well Karaoke started and it turns out we were the first to sing. Now there were a few more people here so it was a little intimidating, but I just looked at the words on the screen and didn’t look around and it was kind of fun. W sat back down and talked some more as we listened to others sing. Now Kris asked me again to sing with her so as there was not a big crowd, yet I said I would, so she gave me her phone to see what I knew of her songs. Now this is where I felt old as I didn’t recognize a lot of the songs from their titles, I mainly listen to 80’s & 90’s on the radio. The ones I did know and felt I knew well enough to sing were all duets. Well I picked the song I’ve had the time of my life from the movie Dirty Dancing as it is still a slower song. Now Kris wanted to listen to it, so she went outside to play it on her phone.

Now this is where it falls apart as while she was outside for maybe 5 minutes listening to it a bunch of people came in. well Kris came in and went up and put our names in but there was now a long list in front of us to sing which cause 2 problems, first it gave me time to think about it as I waited and 2 there would be more people coming in before we got to sing. Well Lauri showed up just before 10 so there were 3 of us. Kris and Lauri played a game of pool a we listened to people sing and we had a great time. Michelle and her wife showed up. I have met Michelle a couple times, but she was in male mode tonight, I don’t think she is in our group I think I just met her here one night. She lives up north and they were down for the weekend and she talked her wife into coming in for a little while to meet us, wish we had a bigger group tonight. Her wife is having a hard time with it but trying which I a start. I got to talk with them a little, but they didn’t stay long.

It was getting late and soon it was 11pm so I went up and paid my bill. I came back to the table and was getting ready to say my goodbyes when the guy running Karaoke called out Kris and my names, I had forgot Kris put our names in and I was so close to missing it. Well the 2 of us went up and sang and it went okay, and I had fun, but it is way different when I sing 1 part and Kris sings another. I just looked straight at the TV screen and the words and didn’t look around. Now this song is twice as long as the earlier one and there were a lot more people here bow. I made it through though and soon we were back to our table. While we sang Wendy came in, so we had 4 from our group tonight. I said my goodbyes and it was time to leave but it was a fun night.

Thanks for reading and be sure and check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life. By the way just noticed this is blog 1201, never thought I would have that many blog posts.

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