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Wednesday night dinner at Rock Bottom

It is Wednesday again and that means Wednesday night dinner. We are gong to Rock Bottom in downtown Portland. We have gone here many times over the years, and it is always good food and wonderful service. Now we had posted it and only had 4 say they would be here and 1 maybe so it could be one of our smaller groups. Now normally I ma rushed to get ready as I usually don’t get home from work till 5:30 or later but tonight was a good night. I snuck out of work a little early as I will work extra tomorrow and then traffic for some reason was good, so I got home about 4:50 which was nice. Now with the extra time I would have tie to go pick Julie up so I texted her and she said that would be wonderful. Its only a little but out of my way but way more fun to have someone with you for the ride and no sense in both of us paying parking and gas. Of course, this would mean I would have to rush again but so worth it. I was ready and out my door by 5:45 and on my way to pick Julie up.

I got to Julie’s house about 6:10 and she was just finishing getting ready. The two of us were on our way by 6:15 so we had time even with traffic which it turns out there was none so we got downtown Portland about 6:35 and I was circling around the block to go to the parking garage but luck was with us as I found a parking spot on the street about a block away. It cost a while .70 cents for parking till 7 when they stop charging. Over the years I can’t count the number of times I have put .40 to .70 on my credit for parking, with the fees on credit cards I don’t know how they make it worthwhile? Tonight, Julie picked up the parking so the .70 went on her credit card.

We walked the block to Rock Bottom and went in and they were not busy so they could seat us right away even though most of our girls were not here yet. We got a big booth that could fit 6 and ordered drinks as we waited. Melissa was the first to show up followed by Jennifer and Kris and even Karen showed up, so we had all 6 of us here. Drinks came and our appetizer, Julie got one of their pretzels for the table, thanks Julie. Now Barb showed up, so we had 7 and no seat for her but the staff quickly put a couple tables near by together and moved us over there. Like I say the staff here is wonderful as really then staff at every place we go is.

We all ordered our dinners and then sat and talked. Kris sat to my right and Julie and Jennifer were across from me and as tonight I was on the end, they were the main ones I talked with. I did talk with Keren and Mellissa a little but Barb was way down on the other end so kind of hard to talk with her which was sad as she is leaving on her extended summer vacation in a few days so it will be a month or two till she gets out with the group. But it was fun to sit and talk.

Our food came and yes, I got their Chicken Fried Chicken which is really good. Kris and Barb also ordered it tonight. We all sat and talked as we ate. About halfway through another one of our girls showed up, she was in male mode though. She just got off work and as she works nearby, she walked over to join us for a little while, so we had 8 of us tonight. Now I will admit when she first sat down next to me I pause and wondered who this man was sitting down but then I recognized her, I have seen her a few times in her male mode but some of the girls had never met her this way which is always fun. It is funny as when I first started going out, I wouldn’t give any information about my male side and now a lot of the girls have seen me as my male self, but it is always fun to guess who the person is.

After we ate we sat and talked and had a great time, by the way tonight I didn’t finish my chicken so I took a piece home as leftovers which I pretty much never do as I know the likely hood of me eating it is small but I have high hopes. It was after 10 when we called it an evening and I think we were some of the last people in there. We all walked out together and pause out front to say our goodbyes as we all parked different directions. Now I took my phone out to check the time and realized I hadn’t gotten a picture tonight, so I took one with the city street behind me. Keren walked part way with Julie and I as she parked in the same direction at least for a block. I joked with them if 10 years ago they thought they would be walking the downtown streets of Portland at night as their female self and Keren said not even a couple years ago, she would have thought this possible.

Julie and I got to my car and off we went as I drove Julie home and we had more time to talk. I still can’t believe how much Susan like to have conversations. There really are some differences between my make and female side and one of the biggest is how much more comfortable and outgoing I am as Susan and I think that is because I am not hiding who I am. Now the drive home took awhile as the exit we take was closed for construction, so we had to go through part of the city. I dropped Julie off at her house and was on my way home and yes once again there was construction that had the freeway down to 1 lane and what should have been a 25 minute ride home became 45 minutes so it turned out to be a late night for Susan but so worth it.

Thanks for reading and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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