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Wednesday night dinner at Hobo’s

It is Wednesday and that means dinner with my friends and tonight we are going to Hobo’s downtown Portland. It has been over a year since we went here for dinner, last time was back in June of 2018. Now I only posted last night and we have 12 going tonight if everyone makes it. Now it was a long drive home as traffic was bad and all I could think about was I would be late. Now the reason was thinking this is I drive almost right by this part of Portland on my commute home and this is about the midpoint of my commute so as I inched along and I watched it get later and later and I could see the traffic the other way which I would also be in later coming back I was thinking how would I make it by 7pm. Normally I get home about 5:30 give or take 15 minutes but today I pulled into my garage at 5:50 I had 1 hour and 10 minutes to get changed and become Susan and get back downtown. Now on the way home I worked out what o would wear and how I would do my makeup and that always makes it easier so it was right into the house and the race to get ready was on. I was ready and pulling out of my garage as Susan at 6:23

Now luck was with me as the traffic had cleared the way I was going ad most of the way it was at or above the speed limit. I got downtown about 6:45 and I saw Jan & Lynn walking down the street so I went and found a parking spot about 2 blocks away, I did get a quick selfie before getting out of the car. Now it is so amazing how easily I can get out of the car and walk the couple blocks as Susan, I have come a long way in my comfort level as Susan. I got inside and Jan, Lynn and Dannie were there. Now Hobo’s usually is not that busy at this time of night so I didn’t make reservation and there was no problem. We went upstairs where he could put some tables together for our group and we waited for others to show up.

It wasn’t long and others showed up, Mellissa, Julie, Kris, Christie, Patty and her girlfriend Kelly and Jennifer in all we had 11 tonight which was awesome considering the late posting of dinner tonight. We sat and talked for a little bit before we ordered. Now they have really good food here dinners will run you $20 to $30 so a little more than our normal dinner but not bad. Now I had a choice to make as they have really good Chicken Parmesan and also a wonderful Prime Rib and I love both. How do you decide, well luck was on my side as Julie was the first to order and she ordered the Prime Rib and it turns out that was the last of it so I ordered the Chicken Parmesan, of course Julie would share a little piece of her prime rib with me which was so sweet of her.

Now I sat in the middle of the table so I could try and talk with everyone but with such a big group it was hard. our Wednesday night dinners are really a wonderful event as it gives us a chance to talk and get to know each other better in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. Plus, it was also a special night as it was also Lynn’s birthday so we all wished her a happy Birthday, we should have sung to her though but I think she had a good birthday with us.

Now we had a wonderful dinner and great conversation. I got an e-mail from a newer member to our group asking what she could expect if she came to one of our events and I had never really thought about that probably because no one ever asked me that. I had to think about it and all I could come up with s it is no different then going out with people you know. We really don’t do anything special we are just a group of friends out having dinner. Yes, we dress different then most people would think we should but we are just out having dinner and enjoying our friendship. I know for me I really am not even thinking about how I am dressed, maybe because Susan has become such a natural part of who I am but I would think a lot of the girls are not focused on how they are dressed. They are just being themselves. I think this is the main thing to remember is we are just being who we are like you are.

Well after dinner we all sat and talked for a while, I really think none of us wanted the night to come to an end as we were all having so much fun. There is just something about being out and being who you are and being accepted. It was almost 10 when we all left. Julie, Dannie and I walked across the street and walked through CC Slaughters to see what was going on. We use to go here all the time, now I think the only time we go here is to walk through it when we are in the area and only when Julie is with use. It really was a wonderful night.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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