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Saturday night at the escape.

Okay my blog is a week late but better late then never. Now before I get into my blog, I have a little side note. I try really hard to keep politics and Religion out of my blog but every once in a while, I have to speak up. I don’t care what religion you are, politics, race, gender of preference, violence is never okay. There have been attacks on people just for having a different opinion. This is a video of an 85-year-old man who is a prolife supporter being attacked and beaten by a young man just for expressing his opinion. Now again I don’t care what side of the debate you are on but attacking someone, knocking them on the ground and kicking them is wrong and there is no excuse for assaulting an 85-year-old man. I don’t have to agree with you but I will stand with you and defend your right to express your opinion. Years ago, it was members of the LGBT community that were attacked for being who they are and expressing themselves and it was wrong. If we want people to accept us and by accept us, I mean allow us to be who we are without fear of being attacked then we have to stand up and condemn violence against everyone. We can have different opinions, lobby for changes to the laws, and even speak out against each other but we can never ever use violence against one another.

Okay, back to Last Saturday’s night out. I started getting ready early as I wanted to get to the Escape early. I posted in the group I would be there but I never really know who will all show up. I got to the Escape a little after 5 and went in. now getting here this early, they are not really busy and parking is easier. I got my normal table and got out my computer and ordered dinner. Now this gives me a little time on my own as I wait for others to show up. Now Jennifer was the first to show up, she is one of our newer members and have only been going out the last few months. It was great to see her again and this gave us a chance to talk before others showed up which is always nice.

It was a little after 7 and a couple other girls showed up so once again, we had 4 of us tonight, it really is a fun night out. Now I admit it is the same thing every week but it is also different as there are always new or different people here and that makes it fun. I had a nice dinner, good times with my friends and got to listen to some good music. Now about 10 Lauri showed up, it really is wonderful the friends I have made as Susan, I really am blessed with wonderful friends. I stayed a little later tonight as the last couple weeks my Susan time has been limited to just Saturday nights so I have to make the most of it. Now I am hoping o start getting out more, Wednesday night dinners and my Sunday Starbucks time and yes even the Red Dress Party which is coming up. It was about 11:30 when I called it a night and left for home.

Thanks for reading and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new in my life.

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