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The long drive to Las Vegas, day 2 of being Susan 24/7

Okay last night we went to bed at 7:30 so we could be on the road by 2am for our trip to Diva Las Vegas, it will be a short night. I woke up and needed to take care of things and Cassandra heard me and asked if I was getting ready, which I wasn’t but it was midnight and she was up and so was I so I figured why try to go back to bed for 1 hour so I started getting ready. Now my new nails do look pretty but the pointier shape of the coffin shape is a lot harder to do things, plus the extra length. I will be going back to the square in the future but I will keep these for this year. Yes, even doing my makeup was more challenging, I have no idea how women do things with the sharp stiletto acrylic nails. Even with the challenge of the new nails I was ready a little before 1am and Cassandra and I were on the road right at 1 an hour earlier then we planned. Now I am sure some are wondering why I put the effort into being Susan just for a 16-hour drive, the answer is simple. For this trip I am Susan, I am female and that includes all that goes with it.

We did hit snow from Willamette pass all the way to Northern California but the roads were pretty clear. Cassandra did let me drive for a couple hours so she could take a nap. We did stop and I got a soda to drink and even opening the straw was a little tricky. Now I do like the way they look as they do give my fingers a narrower more feminine look but I still prefer the square shape but I am digging the length as these are longer than in past years. Golf will be the test. It was fun driving and being able to see my nails, Cassandra says I have a nail fetish and I not sure I would use that term but I do love long pretty nails. It is the first thing I notice on a woman. We did stop several times for gas and I acted like any lady and did what I needed to do with no problems.

When we got about two hours south of Reno, we went through a McDonalds as we were both hungry. Now again my nails proved a challenge as the length made it hard to grab fries and I kept putting the finger nail through the bun. This is going to be a fun experience. Now inside light the nails do look a pinkish red but in the sun light they really do have an orangish color to them.

The drive was pretty easy as I really lie this drive, especially as Cassandra drove almost the whole way other than the couple hours I drove earlier. Now we were both careful not to drive too fast, at most 8 over the speed limit as we figured we were safe with this, neither one of us wants a ticket. And even at that we were passing some cars. Now we had been driving about 14 hours when Cassandra finally got passed by someone else. The car was right behind us for a couple miles and Cassandra made the comment should she speed more or let them pass her, she chose to let them pass and as they went by, she just smiled and said well at least we know who will get the ticket before us, as the car sped by and pulled away from us. The funny thing is not two minutes later a State patrol coming the other way flipped his lights on and made a U-turn just in front of us. And pulled the car over, it was perfect timing.

We got to the Four Queens about 5:15 and went to check in. now I asked if they had a discount for being 55 or over, yes, I am not that age and they said they did. Cassandra said I would save some money so the really nice lady helping us who also had beautiful long nails said she would adjust my bill. My bill for 9 nights went from $754 to $631 and change. It was even cheaper than Cassandra’s. Cassandra asked why hers was more and the really nice lady helping us adjusted her bill down also. Now she really didn’t have to do this for us but she did and that was so awesome of her. Last year we were treated awesome here and from the looks of things so far, I think it will be the same this year. The same nights at the Flamingo on the strip would have been between $1,400 & $1,500. Now Cassandra and I are talking about doing the same thing we did last year with the $100 bet so I figure the $120 I saved on my room will pay for it. Hopefully we can get veronica and maybe some other girls to go in on it.

We were in our rooms before 6 and Cassandra started getting ready and I freshened up my makeup after the trip and then we will be going out for the evening. Veronica came and met us and we decided to go to the Excalibur for dinner as they have a restaurant called Dick’s last resorts. Cassandra had been to one someplace else before and said it we fun so we were on our way. Plus, we have never been to the Excalibur before.

We got there and went in, all the hotel casinos on the strip are so big there is a long walk from where we parked to the casino and then to the restaurant and people everywhere. I really love Las Vegas as there are just so many people to be around. We got to the restaurant and got a table. Now what Dick’s is known for in short is being dicks to people, there slogan is putting the FU back in fun. They come across as uncaring and are short but they do it in a fun way. They even make big hats for people to wear with funny insults on them it really is lie entertainment at your table. Like when we sat down the lady seating us told us someone may come take your order at some point. It really was fun and our waiter was awesome. I would recommend this place as the food was good and so was the service as long as you realize you went to a place called dicks. If you get offended easily this is not your place but if you have a sense of humor you will love it. Cassandra thought this would be a fun place to bring the Diva Las Vegas group which it would although a few might not take the humor the right way. She mentioned it to our waiter and he told her they would love to have us and got Cassandra the name of the manger in charge of groups. We really were treated awesome her as long as you realize they make fun of everyone. Our food was awesome and yes, it is easier to eat with a fork and knife with my nails.

After dinner wee went back to the Four Queens and decided to play a little Blackjack Cassandra and I found a table and started playing but I was really having trouble focusing as we were both tired. Remember I got up early Tuesday so I could go to bed early that night but Tuesday night I only got about 3 hours sleep as it was about 7:30pm when I went to bed and was up by midnight to become Susan for the trip and now it was almost midnight Wednesday night so I have been up for 24 hours. We decided to call it a night so we cashed in our chips and I was actually up $25 Cassandra won more but she was also betting more. It was a long and fun day of being Susan. It is getting easer to type with my nails so I am hopeful by the end of the trip I will be use to them. Still like the square better but I am loving the longer nail.

Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to read my most recent blog to see what is new in Susan’s life and also my blogs from Diva Las Vegas 2019 to follow along with my 12 day adventure of being Susan full time. I didn’t get a picture today so reposting a picture from yesterday with my nails

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