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Wednesday night dinner at Old Town Pizza.

It is Wednesday and our group is going to the Old Town Pizza downtown Portland so I am looking forward to seeing my friends again. Now I am also getting ready for Diva Las Vegas, one week from today Cassandra and I will be in Las Vegas. Now I am thinking about my nails for Diva Las Vegas and trying to think where to get them done. I really like Dream nails but as I have not been there in more than 8 months and I am not sure I am going to keep going after Diva Las Vegas so kind of hesitant of going there. My first thought was I Love Nails as I have gone there before for a pedicure but it turns out they are closed on Tuesday and that is the day I will get my nails done for the trip so I have been looking online at nails salons. Well as I got off early, I figured I would go get a pedicure before dinner and decided to try Natural nails. I got home a little after 4 and called them and set up an appointment for 5:15 so it would be a rush to get ready.

I got to the nail salon a little after 5 and went in. there were two women in there getting their nails done, one a pedicure and one her nails. I picked out my color, red and they showed me to a chair. Now the salon is really nice with some really soft relaxing music. The lady started on my pedicure. Now the one thing o noticed is she really said nothing to me just worked on my nails. Now she did a really good job but still a little strange she hardly said anything to me but I also noticed none of the nail techs were talking to the customers, the lady two chairs down or the lady getting acrylic nails. It was just a really quiet place. Now she did do a wonderful job on my pedicure but just so quiet. It was about 6:20 when I left and headed downtown Portland to meet my friends.

I parked right in front again and went in, it was about 6:45. Melissa and her wife were there along with Patty, Jennifer and her wife Marge. Both Patty and Jennifer are new to our group and have only been out with us 3 or 4 times now. Tonight, Jennifer’s wife Marge joined her for the first time. Now it was nice that Melissa’s wife was here as I think she wanted to talk to her and see how she feels about it and also meet the rest of us and get some more information. As much as I love dressing as Susan, being Susan and going out I really can’t explain why other then I just enjoy it so I can see how others must wonder why we do this. Now I was sitting next to Marge so I did get a good chance to talk with her and she seems really nice and is supportive of Jennifer which is so awesome. Barb and Kris also showed up so we had 7 of us tonight.

We ordered several pizza’s and had a nice dinner and wonderful dinner, this really is a nice place for dinner, yes, I like pizza. It is also quiet so easy to have conversations. We were almost done with dinner and Sophie showed up. It was wonderful to see her as it is almost always Harvey’s when she comes out so we ended up with 8 tonight. We really are having pretty good turnouts on our Wednesday night dinners. Now they were talking about next Wednesday and Patty and Barb want to do dinner again. I will be in Las Vegas so I won’t be able to make it but I really hope they do a dinner. The following week I will still be in Las Vegas as will Melissa, Yes Melissa and her wife are going again this year so if everyone shows up, we should have 10 or more which will be so much fun.

Well after dinner we all sat and talked for a little while, it is one of the things I enjoy about being Susan. I really do love the social aspect of being out with friends just spending a nice time over dinner. It was nice to talk and get to know Patty, Jennifer and her wife Marge better. They are all really nice and it is so wonderful to see a wife of girlfriend who can accept this in their partner. We really do have some wonderful wives and girlfriends in our group. It was about 9:30 when we all left. It was a fun night. now I hope to get out Saturday night and then probably after that not till Tuesday when I go get my acrylic nails for my trip.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what Susan is up to now.

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  2. It was really fun to have my wife join me for a Wednesday dinner. Thanks for keeping a nice record of these kind of events!

    Comment by Jennifer | March 26, 2019 | Reply

    • It was nice to see you again and to meet your wife, she was awesome. hope you can come out again with the group soon.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | March 28, 2019 | Reply

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