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Susan time on Sunday

I once again had some time on Sunday and that means Susan goes to Starbucks. Now I have thought a lot about this lately as I have had several questions as to why I like going to Starbucks as Susan. I really can’t explain it. I will spend an hour or more getting ready to go to Starbucks for a few hours. The funny thing is though other than the time I spend getting ready I really don’t think about the fact I am Susan when I am at Starbucks. Yes, the girls who work here know me and call me by Susan and when I am typing on my computer, I can see my pretty nails and every so often my hair falls in front of my face. Other than that, I don’t even think about the fact of how I am dressed, I am just me. Now I will admit Susan is a big part of my life and who I am but she is not all of me, she compliments and completes the person I am. It really is that simple and complex at the same time. I kind of look at it the same way as you would do anything else that you have to get ready for. Someone who runs gets their running shoes on, their running gear, warms up and then goes running, while they are running, they are not thinking about what they are wearing they are just running and doing something they like, being who they are. It is the same for me. Well back to my night out.

I was looking forward to my Susan time as I had family in town this weekend and couldn’t go out on Saturday night. I really wasn’t sure about today as I didn’t know how early they would leave but as luck would have it for Susan, they left about 3 pm so I figured I could get ready and be to Starbucks by 4:30. Now as I have said many times there is something so relaxing as I do my makeup and transform into Susan for a few hours. I was ready and, on my way, and got to Starbucks about 4:20 so I had about 4 hours if I stayed till, they close. Now not going out last night I didn’t have a blog post to write so I was just going to play on my computer, catch up on e-mails, some of the blogs I follow and surf the internet, in other words just some relaxing time.

Now they didn’t look busy so I was able to park right in front and went in. they were a little busy but there were a couple tables by the windows so I sat my computer down and went and ordered my drink, a sweetened green iced tea, I would save the hot chocolate for later when it gets colder. Now this Starbucks has a drive through but there are still some who come in and get drinks to go. Really Starbucks is a good place to people watch. I caught up on my e-mails, I am bad at responding to them, I have a bad habit of looking at them and telling myself I will reply later and then they get lost till I clean my inbox. I also looked over the events for Diva Las Vegas as they are out now. I am really looking forward to going again this year. It is the one time a year I live as Susan for 10 to 12 days. So much fun. There is still time to sign up and go to Diva if you are interested. Looks like we will have a little smaller group from Portland this year maybe 6 to 8 but it will still be fun.

By about 6 it started to get cold by the window so it was time for my Hot Chocolate, this gave me a little break to stand and walk around a little. Soon I was back at my table and it was still cold, it is just above freezing outside and the windows here do not block the cold. New I was smart enough to have my computer plugged in so it was fully charged so I moved to a table in the middle of the room to get away from the window. It was still cold as it was windy out and every time the door opened you could feel the cold air. I am so ready for spring and warmer weather. I stayed till almost 8 before I was ready to leave for my warm house. It was still a fun time out. Now I am looking forward to Wednesday night dinner, we are going to Mothers Bistro downtown Portland. They just moved to a bigger location so it is kind of like going to a new place but they have really good food. After that it will be Thursday and Friday as I have the days off and plan on some Susan time shopping. There are a few things I need for Diva Las Vegas and I just want to see if I can find a new outfit or two also.

Thanks for reading and be sure and read my most recent blog to see what is knew for Susan.

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