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A few hours on a Saturday evening

Okay life is getting back to a little more normal routine. It is still hard to believe my Dad has been gone for over 5 weeks but it does get a little better each day. I am hopeful to start getting out again on a more regular basis, Saturday nights and Wednesday dinners. It will be awesome to start seeing my friends on a regular basis again. Anyway, I got home Saturday a little after 5 and decided it would be a little Susan time. I got dressed and was ready by 6:30, now what to do. I thought about going to the Escape but then realized it was the Saturday before Halloween and they would be packed and of course everyone would be in costume. Halloween snuck up on me this year. Now for years Susan was my Halloween costume at least till 2009, that was the first Halloween I bought a female costume and I have had a female costume every year since then at least till this year. Well with no costume and the fact I couldn’t stay out to late I decided to go to Starbucks instead.

Now I didn’t go to the one by my house as they close at 7 instead I went to the other Starbucks I have been going to as they are open till 8:30. It is still less than 5 minutes so still close to where I live. I got there and they were actually busy for a Saturday night, never really thought of Starbucks as the place to go on a Saturday night, there was probably 18 to 20 people there although there were two groups of 6. I parked and went in, there was one table along the windows so I set my computer down and went and ordered my drink. I just relaxed and played on my computer for a while. It was good just to be out again. I really can’t explain why I find it so relaxing and fun to be out as Susan even just sitting at a Starbucks but it is to me. I stayed here till about 8:15 and it really was relaxing.

I left Starbucks and drove to Wendy’s to get something to eat before heading home. I was a little surprised even at 8:30 there was still maybe 15 people inside eating at Wendy’s. I had to stand in line. when it was my turn to order the young lady, who helped me told me she loved the way I did my makeup, I really love getting compliments on how I look. Of course, I thanked her. I got my food and went and sat with most of the other people over by the fireplace where the big TV is as it had the Oregon Ducks Football game on. I actually picked here because of the TV although I was hoping for the World Series which I kept track of on my phone. I ma not a huge sports fan but the one sport I do follow the most is Baseball. Of course, my teams didn’t make it what a surprise but still follow the playoffs. Now as I said my teams didn’t make it but I am kind of pulling for the Red Socks to win but what I really want is a good series.

I sat here and ate till a little after 9 before going home to watch the end of the world Series. Once at home I was sitting

there and decided I would get a selfie. It is funny not going out as much has made me think about pictures more. I guess in a way I am really cherishing the time I get right now as it has been so limited. Even though it was less than 3 hours out as Susan it was still worth it.

Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what’s new on my most recent blog which should be more regular now as I hope to get back to 1 or 2 times a week.

Also going to include links to previous Halloweens as I missed this year. We really have had some wonderful times and I have had some cute costumes although I do have my favorite.

Halloween 2009, Halloween 2010, Halloween 2011, Halloween 2012, Halloween 2013, Halloween 2014, Halloween 2015, Halloween 2016, Halloween 2017,

I was going through some of my Halloween pictures and I think this is my favorite ones. I loved Wonder Woman growing up and I never thought or dreamed growing up I could be her but as Susan I did get the chance

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