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My Sunday time again

It is Sunday and yes, I am getting some Susan time. I seem Sunday is turning into my Starbucks day. I don’t know why I enjoy this quiet time so much but I do. I was trying to think back to my first time going to Starbucks and I think it was late summer of 2009 about 9 years ago. At that time, I would go about 7 pm and stay there till they closed at 9. It is funny as I would drive to a Starbucks about 15 miles from where I lived as I was so afraid of running into someone I knew. Back then I would just go and surf the internet on my computer. It really did help me grow as it was one of these nights I first came across the Diva Las Vegas web page and decided to go in the spring of 2010. It really doesn’t seem like that long ago, time really does fly when you have fun. It is hard to believe I have kept this blog since 2006 although back then there really were not a lot of entries and they were pretty short. It is fun though to go back and read the early blogs and remember what id did. I still think keeping a blog or diary about yourself is a wonderful thing to do even if you just keep it private so only you can read. It really is a window into your past and your life. My friend Nicole is doing a blog and w=she keeps it private but she was having fun with it as she can post pictures of her and also track how many times she goes out. You really don’t think about things like that and a blog is a great way to track that. I post in my blog every time I go out as Susan or at least try to. Now there are a few times usually at Diva Las Vegas where I break a day up into to blogs just so they are not too long, I try to keep them about 1,000 words but is still gives me a good idea plus early on I didn’t always write about going out. This is blog 1081 and my 83rd blog of 2018 and we are not yet half way through the year. That means I am averaging about 3 times a week going out as Susan.

Well back to going out today. It was a little later when I got home and I briefly debated if I should get dressed and go out, well not much of a debate really as Susan always gets her way. It was about 3:45 when I got to Starbucks. They were not really busy inside as far as people sitting but there were a lot of people coming in and getting drinks to go. Now the main reason I almost didn’t come out today as it was really hot, almost 90 degrees out and bright sunshine. Susan does not do well in really hot weather as my makeup tends to melt. The Starbucks I go to faces the sun and so it really does get kind of warm inside plus I like to sit by the windows as I can plug in my computer plus I like the view.

I got my drink and the first thing I did was write my blog from Saturday, I really do like writing my blog when I am out as Susan as it just seem more personal to me. Once I got my blog done I logged onto my Princess Cruise planner, I have the app on my phone but easier to do things on the computer. I am trying to get all my information in it as Cassandra says it is way easier and faster if you can have all this stuff done before the cruise. I got some of it done but my passport is at home so I will do that later. I really wasn’t paying attention and it was about 5:30 I looked out and it was raining, the sun was gone and the temperature had dropped by about 15 degrees as my phone now said it was 76 out. Wow this is strange weather we are having here the last couple days. I stayed here till they closed at 6:30 and then went to Subway just down the street to get something to eat. By the time I left Subway it was partly sunny again and 80 degrees out again. I got it to go and went home to eat. It was a pretty ordinary day out but I got some things done I needed to do and had some Susan time as well so it was a great day.

Thanks for reading and be sure and reed my most recent blog to see what Susan is up to now.


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