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Sunday and a little Susan time at Starbucks to catch up on my blogs

It is Sunday afternoon and I have some tie free so I am going to Starbucks to catch up on my blogs and then e-mails and if time a little work. For a long time, I would write my blogs the next day and it was almost always at home and I was usually my male self when I did them. But lately I have been trying to do them as Susan somehow it just seems more fitting to write about Susan, about her time out and what she did as Susan. It may seem silly but I feel when I am Susan writing about my time as Susan it is more like I am writing about myself. I don’t really view Susan and my male self as different people as it is still me, still who I am but just more personal this way. So, it will be a Susan day at Starbucks.

It was a little after 2 when I got home and started getting ready. Now as I am on my own schedule as I am not meeting anyone or have to be there at a certain time I was free to take my time and enjoy the experience. I really can’t explain why I so enjoy my time getting ready but I do. It was a little after 3 when I was ready and I looked cute and casual which is what I go for when I go out during the day to Starbuck’s, I want to blend in. I got to the Starbucks by my house about 3:15 and went in, they were busy but there was 1 table open by the window so I set my computer on it and went and stood in line to order. Now they have a few new people working here so they don’t know me but as always, they treated me wonderful. I must say I have never had an issue at Starbuck’s with the staff or customers.

I got my drink and got my computer out and started my blog for Wednesday nights dinner at Hobo’s. now the one bad thing ab out writing it several days later is remembering what all went on. I also took time to send an e-mail to our group the Rose City T-girls about Wednesday nights dinner this week as I want to see if I can get a bigger turnout. Took me 2 tries as the first time I only sent it to the first 10 members. Luckily, I remembered Cassandras tip that it takes a while for them to go out as it was sent to all 200 members. Last time I did this I kept hitting send as I thought it had froze and it sent it several times. It took about 10 minutes for all of them to go out. Of course, I was writing my blog while it sent.

Starbucks is a really relaxing place to go and spend some time and catch up on work or what every you have to do and it is a fun place to people watch too. Now I chose to wear my leggings today with a cute top so I was watching what other females were wearing today. I chose wisely as I would say 60% of the females who came in had on black leggings also. This really is important as I know I don’t pass so if I can match what other females are wearing that is one less thing that stands out about me. I have been asked many times about passing and the sad thing is most transgenders will not pass 100% of the time all the time, there are always little things that ad up and eventually someone will figure it out. To me passing is able to go out as Susan and have people treat me with respect, the same respect any other female would get. I know the people ate Starbuck’s know I am not female but they always call me Susan or refer to me as She or her and to me that means I have passed.

Now there were times it was slow here, at one point I was the only one here and a few people came in and got drinks to go and then some finally sat at the tables. I really think it is easier when they are busy, of there are lots of people here you are not the focus. If you are the only one sitting at a table then everyone notices you. I stayed here till they closed at 6:30 before leaving, on my way out one of the ladies said have a good evening Susan, I love it when they call me by name. I left and went to Costco as I needed gas and then it was time to figure out what I wanted to eat. Now I have been going to Wendy’s but as I had a Hamburger last night I decided to go to Subway and it turns out there is one across the street.

I got there and it was pretty slow only to woman there. I ordered my sandwich and sat down and ate it. The 2-woman left and a family of 6 came in but that was it while I was there. It was about 7:30 when I left and went home. It was a good and relaxing few hours.

Thanks for reading and be sure and see what I am up to on my most recent blog.

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