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Back to Starbucks for a little me time on Sunday

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Okay it is Sunday and I have a couple hours and needed to get some stuff done on my computer and what better way than as Susan at Starbuck. I guess it is a trade of as I get more done at Starbucks as there are no distraction like TV but then there is the hour it takes to get ready to go. I got to Starbucks around 3:30 and finished my blog from my Thursday night dinner with Charlene and her wife and posted it. Then it was on to my e-mails. I really have been behind on them not so much answering them but I get a lot that are just information and I have let them go without reading so my inbox is full. Now this really didn’t take so long but needed to be done. And then there was some other work I needed to do. I really do get more done here at Starbucks then at home and it is just way more fun.

I think back to that first time I went to Starbucks as Susan and hos scared I was and it really was just about being out someplace as Susan but over the years it has become so much more. It brings normalcy to my life as Susan. That is the best way I can explain it. I sit at Starbucks and I see a lot of people come in both men and woman and most come in by themselves. Even the people who are in here with their computers most are by themselves doing school work or other work or just relaxing and playing on their computers. That is what I am doing just a normal everyday thing that everyone else does. Being transgender can be hard at times, trying to figure out where you fit in. In that way I am lucky as I have always known where I fit in the transgender spectrum and I know some people hate this term but I am a crossdresser but more than that. The hard part for me was to learn to accept this part of my life, and to that I really owe a lot of it to my wonderful friends. I use that term as I am not transitioning as I like and need both my male and female side. Yes, when I am Susan I consider myself totally female and look at life as I would imagine other women do. I enjoy the makeup, nails, clothes, jeweler, hair and shoes. But I also do nit feel wrong when I am my male self. I really do have the best of both worlds and I would not change that. I think my going to Starbucks is just my way of expressing myself. It is funny though as many times as I have been to Starbucks as Susan I think it is only 5 times I have gone as my male self. It really is not something my male side wants to do so I guess there are differences between the two sides of me. I guess what I am saying is it doesn’t matter who you are what matters is that you accept yourself. Find something you like and then do it. Cassandra has her chat rooms, I have Starbucks, it doesn’t matter what it is but find what makes you happy. Pops a little off topic again.

I finished what I had to do and then just surfed the internet, our website, Facebook and so on. It was a relaxing day at Starbucks and fun people watching. I saw a few people look at me but nothing bad I think they were just figuring out things and I really can’t blame them after all I was also people watching as people came and went. It is a fun way to spend a couple hours and having a laptop makes it all possible. What did we ever do before laptops and cell phones. Well I stayed at Starbucks till they closed at 6:30 and as I was leaving Taylor one of the girls who has worked here for a long time wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. I thanked her and it actually made my night.

Now I do have a normal Sunday routine I guess, Starbuck’s till they close, down to Costco to get gas and then to Wendy’s for something to eat before going home and tonight would be the same, yes Hamburgers 3 nights in a row. I promise no more burgers till at least next weekend. I stopped and got my gas and then to Wendy’s. they were a little busier then the last few times I have been here. Now I have been coming to this Wendy’s for a while and it is almost only women who works here. I have seen a young man that works here I think twice. Now I did not get out last Sunday and so I have only been here 1 before in the last 6 weeks and this young man has never helped me till tonight. Now I placed my order and was getting ready to hand him my credit card and he looked at me and said Susan right, he knew my name which caught me off guard, as I said I have only seen him maybe twice and he has never waited on me. I guess they know me here also. It was about 7:30 when I headed for home.

Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what Susan is doing on my most recent blog.


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