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Friday and the drive from Portland to Palm Springs

It is Friday and we are driving from Portland to Palm Springs to pick Julie up for Diva Las Vegas. Now our plan is to leave at 2am as it is a 16-hour drive maybe more if we it traffic. Of course, this means Susan has to get up at 1 am to get ready as she takes more work. Now add the fact I didn’t go to bed till between 8:30 and 9 so it was a short night, 4 hours of sleep. My phone went off at am and I was up as I will do anything for Susan, she has my male self, wrapped around her little finger and pretty much gets what she wants. It was into the shower, shave, moisturize, do my makeup, dress, jewelry, hair and pack up my overnight bag and I was ready. Time on my phone 1:59 how is that for timing.

I got downstairs and Peggy and Cassandra where already down there. Now the funny part, we had a dead car battery. Seems yesterday packing we had the car doors open so long and that had the lights on inside we drained the battery. This happened a few years back, but that time we moved the car that night and found it out before we went to bed, not this time. So, we had to jump start the car and that took a little while as the battery was really dead plus Cassandra had to do something before we left so yes it was just about 3am when we were on our way, only an hour later then we planned.

Now I know a lot of people ask why I would go through this to get ready and be Susan just to sit in a car for 16 hours on a trip? Well for me it is easy, first I have long red nails. Second it is the fact I am doing the whole trip start to finish as Susan. The only thing I have that is from my male side is my drivers license and a credit card. It is an all Susan trip for 12 days. I know most woman would not worry about there makeup for such a drive but for me I really need the makeup to help with the illusion, I am not saying people don’t know but I want to do everything to look as authentic as possible. I do not want to have people think I am making fun or trying to disrespect woman as I really do hold them in high esteem.

Now it was fun to be traveling with Cassandra who was in male mode and Peggy, it was just like our first trip back in 2010, wow it is hard to believe it was 8 years ago we made the first trip. Cassandra drove for the first 5 hours, I drove the next 5 hours and Cassandra finished the last 6. We did stop for gas a few times, a trip through McDonalds drive through and of course some bathroom breaks. I never really thought about how I was dressed as we made these stops, it was just ordinary daily things any woman would do. As we got close to LA Google maps told us there was heavy traffic through LA and gave us another route to take, only about 8 miles longer but it saved us an hour so our guess was pretty close as we arrived at the house Julie and Trixie had rented in Palm Springs at 7:30pm, 16 ½ hours after we left.

It was great to see Julie and Trixie again. We are staying here tonight and then we will leave Peggy to spend the week with Trixie and Julie will got to Diva Las Vegas with Cassandra and me on Saturday. Trixie and prepared dinner for us which was so nice of them. The 5 of us sat down and had a wonderful dinner and talked for a while. It was so much fun.

It was probably 10 when we called it a night. I was really tired as it had been a long day after only a few hours sleep. I did take a few minutes and write my blog for Friday when I got my nails done for the trip, it was a short blog for 2 reasons, first I really didn’t do much that day and second, I was having a hard tome staying awake. Now Julie is doing breakfast for us at 9am before we leave and we hope to be on the road by 10:30 so my plan is to get up at 8, shower and get dressed, pretty much already accept for makeup and hair. Then after breakfast I will do my makeup and put my hair on. Then we will be off to Las Vegas. A big thanks to Julie and Trixie for letting us stay with them overnight on our way down.

Thanks for reading and be sure and keep up with what’s new on my most recent blog and also my blogs for Diva Las Vegas 2018


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