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Sunday evening kind of quiet

Okay it is Sunday evening afternoon and I wanted to go out again for a little while. After cleaning up and changing I was ready. Of course, I am wearing the new lipstick I bought, turns out when I bought it I was worried it would be too light and not real noticeable, its darker than I thought. My first stop was the Starbucks by my house to write my blog from this morning. It looked kind of a light brown color that would be a natural day color but now that it is on kind of looks like it has a little copper color to it. Still deciding what I think as in certain light it really looks nice but in other light not so good. Here are a couple pictures of me at Starbucks so you can judge for yourself.

I got to Starbucks about 3:30 and they were really slow, just 2 other people here and not many came in while I was here. Guess everyone is home watching the Super Bowl. As I said I am not a football fan so I would not be watching it even if I were at home. Now I spent a couple hours here before leaving and going back to Cascade station for a little shopping well more looking then shopping. It is just fun to walk through the stores and look at things. Now I did go back to the same Target I was at earlier as I wanted an eye shadow. For the Smokey eye look I have been doing I have been using an old white eye shadow for the inside corners to brighten them up. I am almost out of it and besides it really should be a silver color for the look I want. I have been making do with what I had while I got better at doing the Smokey eye look. I found what I was looking for just a single color in silver and only $2.99 from Maybelline and I will try it tomorrow.

From here I went over to the main shopping area and started with DSW shoes just to look around, also went into Ross, Staples, Bath & Body works, Nordstrom Rack, Ulta, and last Best Buy. It was a relaxing evening just walking through the stores, the only bad part was being Sunday the stores closed at 8 pm so it was kind of a short night although there is a Star bucks here I have gone to many times before that is open till 9 so that was my last stop, same one I was at earlier and one of the ladies was still there from earlier she must be working a long day. I worked on this blog till they closed, the one cool thing about Star bucks is they don’t usually kick you out right as they close as they have cleanup work to do and they will let you sit there for a while so it was about 9:20 when I left.

On the way home, I made a quick stop at Fred Meyer to pick up some groceries and then a quick run through Wendy’s drive through before going home. Now I know this probably sounds pretty boring but you have to stop and think about it. 10 years ago, it took all I could do just to go out after dark to a gay bar, 15 years ago it was a late-night drive and maybe Burger Kings drive through and before that I couldn’t even imagine leaving my home. To just be able and go out and do every day things that all woman can do is really amazing. It shows how far not only I have come but the community in general. 20 years ago, you could have never convinced me I would be going anyplace as Susan.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new with Susan on my most recent blog.


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Sunday and some Susan time

It is Super Bowl Sunday for those who love football this is the day they look forward to all year long. Me I am not a big fan of Football. now we are not able to get together this year for Super Bowl and yes, I could go to the Escape or Sweet home and watch the game but as I said it was not the game that I liked it was the people so instead of that I figured I would do a little shopping. I got up this morning and would do some work I needed to do before I would go out as Susan, my hope was to be out by noon. Well things don’t always go as we plan. You see I have some work to do on my deck and that was my morning job, well imagine my surprise when I got my drill out to find it didn’t work, crap looks like a trip to home depot. Now I must say my drill is old I got it when I was in high school many years ago and it has served me well. Any way now the fun thing, Home Depot as Susan why not. I wanted to do some shopping any way. I was dressed and on my way by 9:30 with my first stop Home Depot. Now it is a little strange to go here as Susan shopping although I think I have done it once before, will have to look back through my blog.

I got to Home Depot and went in, not a lot of Woman here on a Sunday morning and even less with makeup on but that’s okay. I found a drill and a couple other things I would need and then I left. Now I was at the Home Depot on Airport way so my next stop was the Starbucks at Cascade Station for a drink and a pastry and to write my blog from last night’s wonderful dinner. I spent a little over an hour here, they were really busy but it was relaxing and fun, just a little me time. From here I went down the street to Target as I need some face powder which I ran out of this morning and a new mascara. My mascara is old as I only use it a couple times a week I don’t go through it that fast. One reason I don’t by high end mascara. I don’t think I have ever used up a tube of mascara, they say you should replace every 6 months. Now being something, I use so close to my eyes I am willing to not keep them as long although longer than 6 months.

It was almost noon now and I was hungry and I was also looking for a new lipstick. I have been trying the new Maybelline matte lip inks. They stay on really well I have several in red, pink, & mauve but they have some new ones out in nudes and browns more of a natural color that I wanted to try as that would be better for a daytime look. I stopped at Walmart and found a nice color now again it is hard to judge just by looking at it but the one I picked is kind of a tan brown so I got it, then I hit McDonalds on the way out, yes Walmart has a McDonalds inside. It was a little after 1 when I got home. Now the work I needed to do on my deck was to remove some old board that broke on the trellis it really would only take about 15 to 20 minutes with the drill to remove the screws from the old boards and put the new ones up. I looked out side and the neighbor behind me blinds were pulled but 1 so I decided I would do the home improvement as Susan I got my ladder out and went out on the deck. Got all my stuff on the deck so I was all ready to go. I climbed the ladder and removed the old boards and then put the new ones up and I was right the whole thing took less then 20 minutes. Now I have cleaned my house before as Susan, done laundry, cooked dinner but this was my first home improvement outside. It really was easy as Susan with the exception of my long hair. And my back yard is pretty private other than the one house behind me it would only be the house either side of me and they would have to be out on their back yard.

Now I wanted to go out again for the rest of the day but after that hard 20-minute work I would need to clean up well that and I wanted to redo my makeup and try my new lipstick. I can get so excited about things like that. Anyway, that will be my next blog and of course be sure to keep up with Susan on her most recent blog.

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