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Saturday and our group is going to the City Grill for dinner.

Saturday is here and it is the first fill day of my vacation. I had some things I needed to do early in the day so I couldn’t be Susan but of course I still had the red nails when I was out kind of a reminder of things to come. Now I got done with my stuff a little after noon and made a quick stop for a small burger as I was hungry but didn’t want to much as dinner will be awesome. It was about 1 when I got home and of course now I was thinking about tonight and what I would wear and how I would do my makeup and of course which hair style, all the fun things about being a female. About the only thing I was sure of at this point would be red lipstick to match my red nails. Dinner will be at the Portland City Grill which is a high-end restaurant on the 30th floor of the US Bancorp tower. Now 10 years ago when I was first working up the courage to go out to Embers which was a gay night club that did drag shows on the weekends and we never got there till it was dark out as I didn’t want to leave my house while it was light out would I have ever imagined going someplace like this as Susan. Our dinner reservations are for 6 pm.

Now I know we have 9 signed up for this and I was thinking Julies was going so I texted her to make sure as I figured I could pick her up and we could ride together instead of both of us driving there plus just more fun going with someone. She was going so I said I would pick her up at 5 to give us time incase we hit traffic. It was about 2 now and I wanted to have 2 hours to get ready as I was sure there would be some time spent picking out my dress for tonight, I plan on wearing my new corset tonight to give me that nice shape and of course trying on dresses with a corset on is not as easy. I started getting ready again something my male side would never do. I can’t imagine anything I would go to as my male self where I would need or even want to spend a couple hours getting ready. A nice long shower and then some body lotion and face moisturizer and then it was time to start my makeup. I really took my time on my makeup as I wanted it as perfect as I could, I always have trouble on my lips especially my lower lip to get both sides the same. N ow I know you really can’t see it unless you are looking really close but I always seem to notice it. Tonight, I got both sides almost perfect so I was happy. Funny the little things we focus on.

It was after 3:30 now and I was down to an hour before I wanted to leave and all that was left was to get dressed. Now with the corset I learned I need everything on accept for my dress and wig before I lace up the corset to hard to bend in corset but really gives you curves. Now I had four dresses laid out in my bed all a little heavier as to hid the corset as the goal was for people not to know, I wanted them to think the curves were mine although if you have been following my blog you would probably know I would have it on tonight. Now lacing up a corset by yourself is not the easiest thing to do especially if you are not really flexible. It takes work and time to tighten as you have to pull starting at the top going down and then pull the slack at the middle and repeat. Once you get the top half done it is time to do the bottom in the same was although easier to reach for me, here is the video they have to show you how to lace yourself in. By the way I bought my corset at Orchard Corset and would recommend them if you are looking for one. Now believe it or not it took me over 20 m minutes to get myself all laced in and I was happy with the look. Now it was time to try on dresses which is always fun. They all looked good but being heavier they didn’t fully show the shape that I was trying to get. I went back to my closet and I have a really beautiful elegant dress but is really thin material but I wanted to see how it would look with the corset so I got it out and tried it on and to my amazement you really couldn’t tell I had in a corset and you could see the shape. This was the dress for tonight. Here is a picture that was taken after dinner as we were leaving in then parking garage, yes believe it or not this was the best lighting as the restaurant is dimly lit for a romantic mood.

It was now 4:30 and I was ready to go pick Julie up. I got to Julie’s just before 5 right on Schedule. Julie was ready to go. Of course, I had to say high to Trixie, would have been nice if Trixie had gone tonight but her and Julie know a lot of people and have gone to this restaurant many times and although Julie wouldn’t be recognized Trixie would. We have several members in our group whose wives and girlfriends support them and even go out with them which is great but they are easily recognizable as they are out as themselves and then that could give away more then we want.

Julie and I were on our way a little after 5 and got downtown Portland to the building and parked in the underground parking. This was nice for two reasons it was close and we didn’t have to walk outside in the weather which was actually nice right now. But this would allow me to not cover up my dress with a wrap so everyone could see my pretty dress. As we were getting out of the car Kim was walking by so the 3 of use walked in together. We took the elevator to the 30th floor and walked in to the City grill which was very dimly lit, yes, we would be using our cell phones to read the menu. You can see from my selfie how low the lighting is. We ran into Jan, Lynn, Melissa and her wife coming off the other elevator so all seven of us walked to our table together.

Now Sandy was in town for work so she stopped by to talk with us briefly, we tried to talk her into staying but she has to drive home tonight and she lives about 3 hours north of here. It was nice to see here again and talk with her briefly. Turns out we had 12 people for dinner tonight which is really good ass we use to be happy if we could get 6 or 8 to come out on a Saturday night to a bar much less get 12 to go to a very mainstream high-end restaurant. I sat down between Kim and Jan and Cassandra Julie and Kate were across from me with Lynn on the end. At the other end of the table next to Kim was Joan and Karen and across form them were Joan (yes 2 Joan’s tonight), Melissa and her wife on the end.

Now we talked for a while as it was great to see everyone again. It was awesome to see Kim and sitting next to her I got a chance to talk with her and catch up which was really wonderful. I do love talking with my friends and I do miss them when they don’t get out much. Of course, I had to get a picture with Kim tonight. We actually took a couple of them and this was the only one that turned out good, well good of me, Kim looked great in all of them. Usually I try to slouch down to the same height so I don’t tower over the other person which in a corset you can’t do and if you try it really shows in the picture so I am just way taller than her sitting here and that is okay. You can see some of the city lights behind us through the window.

Now our waiter was awesome, he recommended items and was always there when we needed something, a lot of times without asking. One of the good things about high-end restaurants they have enough staff to make sure you have really good service. Now I was thinking of a nice steak but went with the double porkchop instead. Everyone ordered and then it was time for more pictures. It seems when we go someplace new we all think about pictures. One of the ladies who works here saw us all taking pictures and came over and took a couple pictures of out whole table. Kind of hard to see everyone as it was a long table and we all had to lean in a little, although with my sitting up so straight and tall I was able to pretty much look over Kim’s head.

Dinner came and wow my porkchop was huge, I hope I can eat it all. Some of the girls got Steak, some Salmon, a few Steak and Lobster and it all looked wonderful and it was. My Porkchop was incredible, I would highly recommend it if you go here for dinner. We had a wonderful dinner with good conversation, again the only bad thing was the size of the group as you really couldn’t talk with everyone. Although after dinner before we left I did get at least a chance to say hi to everyone one and talk with them briefly.

After dinner a couple of the girls ordered dessert to share, really, I could never have eaten a whole dessert as the size of my dinner was big and of corset the corset pulled things in. I did have a few bites of Julies desert which was incredible. Really wonderful food here. I would recommend them for a really nice dinner out, a little expensive (figure $50 to $100 each with drinks & dessert) but it really was worth it. It was a wonderful evening with awesome friends, a big thanks to Cassandra for organizing tonight. It really did go by so fast as soon it was after 9, hard to believe we have been here over 3 hours. A few of the girls left first and then the rest of us. Julie and I got down to the parking garage and of course in the light I had her take a few pictures of me in my dress, the one above, thanks Julie. There were a couple people waiting to go in and one of the girls came over and asked if we would like her to take a picture of us together and of course you know the answer to that question.

We left and I took Julie home before heading home myself. It was an incredible night out with my friends, a memory that will last. Now this blog is a lot longer than normal and I am sorry for that but if you read this far thank you. But I do my blogs not only to share with all of you but also so I can remember things I have done and the special times I have as Susan. It is a great way to document your life and weather you are trans or not I would highly recommend pictures and writing something about the special times and events in your life. It is great to go back and remember these things.

At dinner we were talking about times we have had, things we have done and Sisters we have lost. Especially Cristine who was a big part of our group, she would have loved tonight. We were trying to think when she passed away and I was able to look it up in my blog, turns out it was one year ago yesterday and we still all miss her and think of her often. I really have met some incredible friends along the way of my growing and accepting my female side and all of them have had an impact on my life, some small some huge but all very important to me.

Thanks for reading and being part of my life. Be sure and keep up with what’s new in Susan’s life on my most recent blog.


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