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Wednesday night dinner at Who Song & Larry

Wednesday is here and again our group is going out to dinner and this week it is Who Song & Larry’s. This is always a fun night and a fun place to go. I started getting ready early taking my time doing my makeup as I think about what I can wear tonight. I think that is one of the wonderful things about being Susan is the thought about what I should wear, which heels, dress or outfit, hair, how to do my makeup and the look I want. I actually enjoy this time thinking about this this stuff.

I was all ready by 5:45 and on my way, I got to Who Song and Larry’s a little after 6 and went in. They were not as busy tonight as they were the last few times we have come here. I got inside and the man at the desk greeted me and asked if I wanted a table. I told him I was waiting for others as we had a group coming tonight. He was very accommodating and said he would set up tables and asked how many we had which I didn’t know so I texted Cassandra to get the number. Turns out she had just arrived and was in the parking lot. She came in and we told him we had 8 for dinner and he said he would get us set up. Cassandra and I went into the bar to wait for others. Cassandra and I both ordered a drink and of course tortilla chips and bean dip, they have the best fresh made chips and a cheese bean dip, I could make a meal out of this alone.

Melissa and her wife showed up next followed by Kate. They ordered drinks and we talked for a few minutes before moving to our table. Now as I said they were not busy at all tonight, one other big group of 6 and a few more tables of 2 to 4 and that was it. Our waiter came over to see if we needed anything and he was really wonderful of course we have always had wonderful service here. We told him we were waiting for a few more so he brought use more chips and salsa as we waited. Julie showed up next and then Barb so we had 7 tonight for dinner. Our waiter came back and took our orders, most of us had the special, all you can eat enchiladas which after all the chips and dip I really don’t need the all you can eat but the cost is about the same as just getting a regular dinner. Now our waiter didn’t write anything down he did it all from memory all 7 orders. We all had fun with this and he did a really good job just a couple minor mistakes that he corrected.

The food was good, if you like Mexican food this is a wonderful place to eat. We had a nice dinner and wonderful conversation. WE talked about our Mexican Cruise in October which we are all looking forward to. We also talked about Diva Las Vegas and our dinner this Saturday, we really do have a wonderful and active group here in Portland. The food was great and we even had a little desert which was awesome. A couple of the girls ordered them and shared them with all. One was the Bunuelo caramel Sunday which was really good, the other was Sopapillas which were awesome.

It was a wonderful night as it always is when I go out with my friends for dinner. I am really looking forward to Saturdays night dinner. Now I start my vacation Friday evening and I had planned to have the whole week to be Susan but that won’t happen although I will get a good amount of tome as Susan. I was also going to get my nails done with a red gel polish Friday night, yes, I will start my vacation with a manicure and pedicure. But as I will not be able to be Susan for the whole week but I am thinking of getting my normal color Wedding Dress and then having them put regular nail polish on in a red color that I can take off with polish remover. I also plan on doing some shopping as I need a new purse, mine is probably 8 years old and starting to wear out. I plan on getting together with Peggy for lunch and shopping and maybe some other girls. It will be a fun week.

It was almost 10 when we left Who Song & Larry’s. it was sad to see the night end but I have to get up early in the morning.

Thanks for reading and be sure to see what’s new in my life as Susan in my most recent blog.

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