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Saturday night at the Escape not sure who will show up.

It is Saturday and on the 3rd Saturday of the month our group has been going down to Salem to hang out with the girls down there. I have gone a couple times but it is over an hour drive each way for me which is hard so I decided I would go to the Escape tonight for dinner and see if anyone else stays in town. I had some things I needed to do around home today before going out and I wasn’t sure how early I could get out. The weather was dry and I needed to clean my gutters out and I got done with that early and it was still light out so I decided to put up my Christmas lights. Of course, this was my male self not Susan but you may be asking why it’s in my blog. I have those laser lights that you put in your yard which trust me is the easy way to go, no climbing ladder just stinging extension cords for power. It really didn’t take me long and I had the set up by 4:15 the only bad part it wasn’t dark enough to position them as I could not see where the lights hit the house.

Well I went inside and started getting ready, I took a shower and shaved and it was still light out so I started on my makeup which I enjoy. I had all my makeup on, eyes all done and looking great, eyebrows done, mascara, all that was left was my lipstick. It was a little after 5 now and dark outside so before I put on my lipstick I quickly put on my boy clothes and went out to position my 3 lights which would only take maybe 5 minutes. I got the first two lasers set and was on the third one when a lady walked by walking a dog. Now it was dark out accept for the street light and she walked over to me and wished me a merry Christmas and told me she liked my lights and asked me about the laser lights I had. Any way I was looking at her face to see how well I could see her to figure out how well she could see me. Any way we talked for only a few minutes before she went on her way. I don’t know her but am guessing she lives somewhere on my street. I don’t know if she noticed my eye brows or eye shadow but she never said anything and was pleasant the whole time. Any way I finished and went bac inside, put on my lipstick and got my dress and heels on and was on my way by 5:40. I got to the Escape at 6 and went in. They were really busy for as early as it was. I ordered dinner and sat down and wrote my blog for Friday night. By 7 the crowd thinned out so I was able to get a better table. N ow it is just waiting to see if anyone else shows up. I posted in our group I was here but if I had thought about it I should have posted earlier I would be here tonight. Here is a picture from tonight.

I had a nice dinner and talked to a couple men at the next table. I also wrote my blog from Friday night and caught up on some e-mails. Now I was still the only one here from our group and it looked like I would be the only one tonight but I had my computer and it was just nice to be out. I was also kind of watching the Oregon football game as I did work on my computer. I didn’t get all my work done as my battery went dead a little after 9 so I will have to finish my work on Sunday. I am planning on going to Starbucks Sunday evening for a couple hours as Susan to finish. Any way I paid my bill and was getting ready to leave when Lorie came in. She tends to get here later but it was nice to see her so I decided to stay a little longer.

\We sat and talked for a while till Karaoke started and then we listened to the singers and talked between songs. Now a lot of the songs that were sung I didn’t recognize but it was still fun. It was just Lorie and I tonight but still fun. It was 10:30 when I called it a night. Now I am looking forward to a few hours Sunday night.

Thanks for reading and keep up with Susan on her most recent blog.


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