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Wednesday night dinner with friends at Hobo’s

It is Wednesday and our group is going to Hobo’s for dinner. Actually, Cassandra is getting there early to watch game two of the world series. Now I knew I couldn’t make it by 5 but I was going to get there as early as I could. I started getting ready at 4:30, I love the time I spend doing my makeup and getting all pretty. I just find it so relaxing and enjoyable. I was all ready and on my way downtown. I found a parking spot right around the corner, it was just 6 pm so I did make it here early.

Cassandra was already at Hobo’s with her computer and watching the world series. She is a big LA Dodgers fan so she is really into the game. My team didn’t make it and I like both teams that are playing so I am more interested in having a good series, I hope it goes all 7 games. Cassandra and I talked some as we watched, it was so nice to be out again. Now we were at a table for 4 and it was kind of busy so when the two tables on te other side of the hall opened up we moved over there so we would have enough seats. I actually started talking to the people who were leaving, the reason it was so busy was they do the underground city tours from here and they were all here for that. According to them it is a haunted tour and that sounds like a lot of fun. It was nice to just talk to someone I have never met before.

Kearren was the first to show up followed by Rebecca, Samantha who is one of our newer members and this is her first time out with the group, Julie was next and last was Joan so we had 6 of us here tonight. Now I got to sit between Cassandra and Samantha so I got a chance to talk with her tonight and get to know her which was really nice. She seems nice and I think she will really like being in our group. I hope she gets to join us out more.

It was nice to sit and talk with everyone, similar to our dinner Saturday night where we were able to talk with each other. Of course, we were still watching the baseball game, some more than others. Now we all ordered dinner and I chose the Prime Rib as I haven’t had that in a while. We also talked with the owner for a little about Hobo’s, he has owned it for 25 years. Our food came and it was wonderful. It was just a fun night out with girlfriends.

After dinner we sat and talked and watched the world series and we all got into the game, it was probably one of the best baseball games I have seen. The Astros tied it in the 9th inning and took a 2-run lead in the top of the 10th only to let the Dodgers tie it in the bottom of the 10th. Than in the 11th they took another 2-run lead only to give up 1 run in the bottom of the 11th and for a moment it looked like the Dodgers would tie it again but they didn’t. The Astros won and tied the series and everyone at Hobo’s was into the game. It was a really fun night. Of course, this meant I stayed out latter than I planned and also, I ordered dessert.

It was a fun night and of course we also talked about Saturday night and our groups Halloween Party Peggy and Cassandra are hosting again, they are so wonderful to do this for the group. I still haven’t looked for a costume and probably should have done tonight instead of coming out for dinner but I wanted to spend time with my friends. I will probably go with one of my old costumes as I am not sure I will have time to go look for one in the next day or two.

It was a wonderful night and I think it was after 10 when we called it a night.

Thanks for reading and keep up with me at my most recent blog.

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  1. I am so happy that you are getting out again. Your sound happier.
    See you tomorrow night.
    Charlene. 💋💋

    Comment by Charlene Peterson | October 27, 2017 | Reply

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