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Saturday morning at Starbucks

Okay my free time is very limited and that also means my time as Susan. It is hard as I was getting out 2 to 3 times a week and now it seems I am lucky to get out 2 or 3 times a month. Friday night I was thinking, I don’t have to be anyplace till about 1 but I have some work I must do but luckily all I need is a computer and internet. So, my thought is to combined work and Susan on Saturday morning. Instead of sleeping in Saturday I got up at 7 and started getting ready you could say for work. It was about 8:40 when I was all ready to leave and with my computer and purse in hand I was out the door. You guessed it I was heading for Starbucks to do my work, should take about 3 hours.

I got to the Starbucks by my house and I was surprised they were not busy at all, only 4 people inside, I guess people had other things to do on a Saturday morning. I parked and went inside and ordered a hot chocolate and a pastry for breakfast and sat down at a table by the window to do my work. Well I guess I was just early because a little after 9 people started coming in and I do mean people. Soon every table was taken and a couple next to me asked if they could use the empty chair at my table and I said yes. I guess Saturday mornings are indeed a Starbucks day. As soon as someone would leave a table or chair someone else took it, and there were always at least 10 to 12 people waiting in line to get something and with all the people here talking it was kind of loud but good for people watching. Now the funny thing there was a lady at the table next to me and she was taking some pictures of her kids, 2 girls and one boy. The girls across the table and the boy on her side. When she took the picture of the boy I could see the phone was more pointed towards me so I gave her a cute smile, not sure if she noticed.

Well I sat and di my work, it is kind of funny to think I am doing some of my work as Susan even though no one at work knows about this part of my life at least I don’t think so. I think that is something I wonder about more now, who knows and just doesn’t say anything. I mean 2 of my neighbors know for sure although one moved away. I guess you never know if or who they have told. Do other neighbors know and just don’t say anything, I mean it would be hard to bring up in a conversation, “boy it has been a dry summer and I hear you dress as a woman”? short of just asking flat out I guess. Same at work. I mean I have had nicely kept nails for a few years now and since March well shaped, a little long and a light layer of acrylic. I am sure people have noticed and just either don’t care or don’t know what to say. I guess I will really never know who all knows, I do kind of wish those that do know and are okay with it would say so though.

I have been here almost 2 hours now and it is still really busy just a few minutes ago there were 18 people in line, I want another drink but hoping the line will get smaller. By the way I have seen 3 people I know so far come in, one a neighbor from down the street, I don’t really know them by name but have said hi to them a few times. I wonder if I have missed anyone I know that I just didn’t see as I was working.

By the way I still have my nails just the same as when I got them done last Monday, shiny with the pinkies with the pale pink color. It really is a cute subtle color but I think if I did all my nails that way it would be really noticeable. Although I would love it. I really wish that it was normal if men wanted pretty nails.

Well the line finally got small only 4 people so I made my move and went up to get another drink. It is amazing how busy they have been. By the time I got up to order my drink there were 10 people behind me in line. I guess I timed it just right. The lady remembered my name as did the man who made it. Now I had to stand in a group and wait for my drink. It is kind of hard to move around in here with all the people. I guess mornings are the time for Starbucks as this has been the busiest it has ever been at a Starbucks I have gone to by a long way. I got back to my table just as another person I know came in. now I know what you are thinking all these people I know am I worried, I guess a little but although I know them they are not what I would call friends, I know them but that is about it so I guess you could call them acquaintances. Yes, I know them by name but that is about it, but it has been fun. I do some work and then spend a few minutes on my blog and then back to work. It is nice that Computers make it easy do to things like this.

By the way I want to ad that the hurricane that hit Texas and the one that will hit Florida are sad and my thoughts and prayers are with them as with all the people being effected by wild fires. These are sad events and a time for us to come together as a nation and stand together. Those on social media who are being divisive on this are wrong to do so and those who say this is punishment for our current government you are way out of line. To think that these areas are being punished somehow for how they voted is unacceptable and you should be ashamed. I don’t care who you voted for, if you are my friend I except you for you but I do draw the line at wishing people harm. I am not okay with violence, I am against the KKK, White Supremacist, Black Lives Matters, Antifa and for that matter anyone who uses violence to deny someone else their rights or freedom under our constitution. I may not agree or like what you say but I will stand and defend your right to say it as that is what America stands for. Okay off my soap box and back to my blog.

Now an update on our Cruise in October 2018. It seems we have had some girls from Seattle and Sacramento who are joining us also on the cruise. We are unsure of how many have signed up but Cassandra thinks we have had between 10 and 15 cabins booked through our group. It sounds like we will have a good turnout for this but there is still time. Check out our Yahoo group for the cruise and also more information on my b log, if you are interested e-mail Cassandra for contact information as we have a contact we are working with. It only cost $100 per person to reserve a cabin and you can get a full refund if you cancel by July 30 2018 so if you think you might want to go book now and if things change you can cancel. It would be great to have a big group. It will be so much fun and yes at this point I am planning on doing the whole cruise start to finish as Susan.

Well it is about 11:30 and it is finally quieting down here at Starbucks. Only about 10 people here now but still 10 in line or waiting for their drinks. It has been a relaxing morning and although I didn’t get as much of my work done as I hoped it was good and just having a few hours out as Susan was wonderful. I really miss being out with my friends but I will take what I can get.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day and remember this little tip. If you want people to accept and respect you and your views then you also need to accept and respect their views even if you disagree. I don’t expect everyone to like how I live my life but I do think they should accept my right to live it my way.

September 9, 2017 - Posted by | Starbucks

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