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Sunday and the official start or Diva Las Vegas

Sunday is here and tonight is the star of Diva Las Vegas. Now we stayed out gambling till 2 am so we slept in today, it was a little after 9 when I got up and started getting ready. Cassandra was also up and getting ready. I finished before her and went downstairs to post my blog from yesterday. This actually works out pretty good as I can sit between the hotel lobby and the casino and people watch and it really only takes me 5 minutes to do this as I write it in my room. I got back upstairs and Cassandra was ready but Veronica was still in bed.

Cassandra and I decided to go shopping at Charming Charlies which is in an outdoor mall at the other end of the Las Vegas strip. We drove down there and found the store and were able to park just a short walk from it. It was really nice mid 70’s and no wind. We walked down and went in. Cassandra was looking for a lot of things. I fund a couple bracelets I liked but Cassandra was still looking so I looked around and found another, Cassandra was still looking so I looked more and found yet another and even a necklace. I ended up buying more than I planned but they were all so cute. I bet we spent 45 minutes here maybe longer looking around.

When we left one of Cassandra’s Pal Talk friends who lives here in Las Vegas texted her. Cassandra has known her for years on Pal Talk, a video chat room and wanted to meet Cassandra so she texted Cassandra her address and we drove over to meet her, her name is Mechie (not sure of spelling). It is fun to meet new people. Well Mechie decided to spend the day with us so we headed back to our hotel to see if Veronica was up yet. We got there and Veronica was still getting ready so Cassandra Mechie and I walked over to the gold nugget to go to their buffet. It is only two blocks so not that far.

Now there was wall to wall people on the Freemont Street so it was fun to people watch, trust me you see all kinds of people there. We got to the golden Nugget and went in and up to the buffet to eat. It was about 3 when we got there so they were not busy as it was in between lunch and dinner, on the down side they also didn’t have that good of a selection of food. It was really good but $23 per person with tax. The best part was desert. The staff here was awesome, always called us ladies, came and talked with and when we left they all wished us a good day and told us to come back.

We went back to our casino and the 3 of us went to a Blackjack table to play. The dealers are still hot as they do not go bust, if you want to win you have to have a better hand then they do. I bought in with $100 and we did play for almost 4 hours. At one point I was down to $10 and at my high I had over $200. I left the table with $175 so this was my best night so far. Cassandra must take Mechie home and then go pick up Kim from the airport as she gets in at 9:30. It will be great to see her and get to spend some time with her socially. Cassandra left and Veronica and walked over to the Freemont Street to meet Melissa and her wife. They got here this afternoon and are downtown for the night.

We met up with them by the Golden Nugget. It was good to see them and I am sure they will have a lot of fun this week, they are here till Friday. We walked all the way down past the start of Freemont Street probably 6 blocks and it was packed. We just talked and walked and checked things out. We all walked back to our hotel and then Melissa and her wife called an Uber driver to pick them up and take them back to their hotel, they are at the Flamingo on the Las Vegas Strip. Veronica and I went up to the room and Cassandras had just gotten back and Kim was in her room unpacking, she is just a couple doors down from our room.

It was great to see Kim and she is so excited to be here, it is going to be fun. We all went down to do some gambling Cassandra, Veronica and I played Blackjack and Kim played some slot machines. Cassandra had her good night at least for about an hour so she is happy. I bought in with $140 miss counted my $20’s and we started playing, same as before though the tables are still cold. I got up a little and tried playing 2 hands at a time and didn’t do much that way stayed pretty even. Then I tried a few hands of $25 to $30 same thing just staying even. We played for a few hours and soon it was almost 2 am again. We were going to call it a night so I did something I have wanted to do, one big hand. I am not sure how much was in my stack probably between $110 and $125 but I put the whole stack out for 1 hand, most I have ever bet on one hand. I got a 7 & 6 for 13 and the dealer had a 4 showing just like the night had been going. Well you guessed it she dew to 19 and I lost. So, I am down about $65 for the day and less than $50 for the trip. I really hope the tables change and I can do better soon but still having fun. After I did this Cassandra did the same thing with just under $100 and then Veronica with about $60 and they had the same results. The dealers are just not busting hands, they seem to always get the cards they need.

We all went upstairs and called it a night. Tomorrow is another day although the wind is supposed to pick up the next few days.

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