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Friday and on our way to Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas 2017

Friday is here and we are leaving for our long drive to Las Vegas. I got up at 1 am to get ready, it was a short night. It was just a couple minutes after 2 when Cassandra and I left for our drive to Las Vegas, our hope to be there by 6 pm. The drive down I-5 was really rainy but then this is Oregon, it never stopped and sometimes it came down hard. We got to Eugene and headed up towards the pass. Just a few miles before the pass it started to snow and snow hard. there was anywhere from slush to a couple inches of snow on the road and we had that all the way to Klamath Falls. It put us behind schedule as we were driving 4o miles an hour for over 2 hours, Cassandra may miss part of her Basketball game tonight. From Klamath Falls to almost Alturas it kept snowing but the roads were fine so we were not falling behind schedule anymore. It is good we left earlier today. Now just before Alturas I took over driving and drove all the way to Beatty. It was a good drive and I loved seeing my pretty nails. Cassandra tells me I have a nail fetish, I don’t like that term but I guess it is true as it is the first thing I notice on woman. I do love pretty nails.

Cassandra took over driving from Beatty and I wrote my blog for yesterday as we traveled to Las Vegas and of course took a selfie, this is after 14 hours in the car. We got to our hotel the California and went in to check in. There was no line so we got right up to the front. Cassandra explained about Diva Las Vegas as she was checking in. I gave her my driver’s license and credit card. My Susan credit card without thinking so it didn’t match my ID as I jokingly told her I looked a little different then my picture. She told me I looked very pretty which after 16 hours in the car made me feel good. I realized I gave her the Susan credit card so I gave her the male one so it would match the ID. She didn’t seem the least bit bothered by it. Looked at the ID and both credit cards and asked me if I wanted to be registered as Susan and I really thought about it but then told her to use my male name just in case there were any issues later. She said fine like it was no big deal.

WE got to our rooms and settled in. Now it was early and while Cassandra watched her game she also got ready to go out. I touched up my makeup and went and picked Veronica up as she is in town for the week. Her and I are sharing a room.

We got back to the hotel and got her stuff to the room and Cassandra was almost ready, her team lost by the way. It was about 9 when the 3 of us went downstairs to get something to eat. We went to the café which is open 24 hrs. a day. We had a nice late night supper before play a little blackjack. Cassandra won some money and Veronica and I lost. Cassandra cashed in and veronica and I move to another table where I was able to win back what I lost plus $5 so I am also a winner tonight. Now Cassandra and I were tired so we called it a night a little after midnight, it has been a long day. Veronica was off to gamble a little more. On a side note our hotel room is nice nothing fancy but comfortable and since we are here to have fun and not sit in the room. We will basically be in the room to sleep, get dressed and maybe update my blog so this room is very good. The only drawback is you must pay for in room wi-fi, probably why they don’t charge a resort fee. Now they do have free guest wi-fi in the casino and hotel lobby so I have found a work around. I am writing my blog in the room and then go down to the lobby by the casino where they have some sitting areas and connect there to post these blogs. I may even write some of them from there and people watch while I do my blog. It will be my morning routine I guess.

Okay one bad thing about the hotel is the lighting for doing makeup in the bathroom is not really good. I ended up doing most of my makeup with my little mirror I brought in front of the window, wonder what to people in the other tower thought seeing me doing my makeup in the window.

We haven’t decided what we will do tomorrow but it is late so we will figure that out in the morning.

Thanks for reading and following my little vacation.


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  1. Catching up with your posts Susan – we’ve been holidaying in Scotland.Beautiful scenery and wildlife, but wifi and internet hopeless.
    I so adore your visits to Diva Las Vegas. Wishing you another fabulous week of fun.
    Hugs Anna. x

    Comment by Anna Arendt | March 26, 2017 | Reply

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