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The Escape on a Saturday night

Saturday night and our group is going to meet the t-girls in Salem at Southside Speak Easy. Our group has several members that live down there so we have been trying to go down there and visit them also although I have not made it yet. Actually I have only been there once before back in 2008 to meet up with Alice who I have known for many years, here is a picture of us from 2009. I really want to go here again. It is funny as I really stated this blog for myself to look back on the things I have done as Susan which it is really good for, I never thought others would find it much less read it. I am really happy that others have found it and follow my time as Susan and I hope that you enjoy my blog and maybe find it helpful in some small way.

Any way I have to get up early Sunday and didn’t want to stay out to late. well the girls in Salem don’t meet till 8 and as it is an hour drive down there I would only be able to stay till 9:30 so I didn’t want to make the drive for such a short time out. I decided I would go to the Escape and have dinner and see if ant others showed up. I got there by 6 and it was not very busy but they did have one of the tables reserved. I ordered something to eat off their breakfast menu. Then I got out my computer to pass the time to see if anyone else showed up.

It wasn’t long and Elaine showed up and joined me. It was good to see her again and always nice to not be by yourself. It wasn’t long and Rachael also showed up. The three of us talked for a while which was nice. It started to get busy about 7:30 as the group that reserved the other table showed up, there must have been 20 of them maybe more. They were a group from the SCA, I had to look it up on line as I had not herd of it before. They turned out to be a really fun group.

Karaoke started a little early tonight and the other group were reallot good at singing. Jan and Lynn also showed up so there were 5 of us here tonight. It was a good night. One of the girls from the other group started talking with Jan, I think her name was Verna. She is into fashion and learning to design clothes and she wanted to make something for Jan. She talked to us for over an hour. She seemed really nice and it was fun talking with her about fashion. Wow time went by so fast tonight before I knew it, it was 11 pm. So much for my being in bed by 11. I paid my bill and said my goodbyes.

It has been a great weekend and really a good week out for Susan.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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  1. Nice to see the photo of us. Remember when you drove to Salem and met at Southside.
    Such fond memories

    Comment by Alice green | February 19, 2017 | Reply

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