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Wonderful night at Harvey’s Comedy Club.

Susan at Harveys 2-4-2017It is Saturday and we are going to Harvey’s Comedy club tonight. It will be different as I can only remember 1 time going to Harvey’s that Cristine was not there. We have been going to Harvey’s once a month since November of 2011 and we went a few time before that back to 2009. It is really one of our groups longest regular events. We always look forward to it as it is such a fun night and Harvey’s has treated our group wonderful over all those years.

I started getting ready early so I could take my time. I chose my blue and black dress for tonight. it is a cute dress. I was all ready and on my way as it started to really rain. I got to Fox & Hounds just before 7 and it was raining so hard even though I was parked right across the street I needed my umbrella.

Cassandra and Rebecca were there already. Rebecca came down from Seattle to go to Harvey’s with us. It wasn’t long and Jan, Lynn, and Melissa showed up. It was good to see them again. This week is really food to see friends. Lorie also showed up. She has been coming out to the Escape with us for a while now but this s her first time out with us someplace else. It was fun as I always like when we have girls new to going out as I remember what it was like for me.

Sandy also showed up as she was in town working this weekend. She can’t go to Harvey’s as she hast to drive home tonight but it was great to see her again as it has been a long time. She is so much fun, really wish she could come down here more. I did get to talk with Sandy for a while and she also had on a blue dress tonight, almost lie we coordinated it that way. We all talked till about 8:45 before we headed for Harvey’s. Cassandra drove as she had a picture she was taking but the rest of us walked.

We got to Harvey’s and Sophie and Peggy were there. It was good to see them and such a surprise to see Peggy. I really do need to get together for dinner with Peggy again. I got to talk with Peggy which was awesome. It is funny as we walked the 8 block while Cassandra drove over and we still got there before her. Now while we were sitting there a man came over and introduced himself to me, I believe as Charlotte, Turns out she reads this blog and recognized me. Still amazes me when this happens. Later on I saw here again but she was with people so I didn’t want to say anything in front of them, wish I would have talked with her more.

Kim at Harvey’s came out to talk with us, she was going to have the opening comedian / MC say something for Cristine, as I said she never missed Harvey’s. It really was hard tonight at some times. WE all sat and talked till it was time to go into the show.

We had our normal table and Kim had a glass of beer with a straw in it and some flowers where Cristine always sat. it was so special and Cassandra put Cristines picture on the table there and we left the seat open for her so it was kind of like she was there with us.

The opening comedian came out and talked a few minutes about Cristine and our group and how long we have been coming here. It was really nice and so wonderful of Kim to set this up and for Harvey’s to do this for us.

The show started and it was awesome as always. All 3 of the comedians tonight were really good. I had a blonde moment and couldn’t remember any of their names but at least the headliner I could go to Harvey’s web site and get his name, Alex Elkin. He was incredible, if you get a chance to see him you should. Also if you are in Portland and want to see good comedy go check out Harvey’s Comedy Club. We all laughed so hard tonight and that is something we all needed this week.

After the show we walked back to where we parked before calling it a night. It was a wonderful night out made more special by the friends I was with. I did like the way my makeup turned out tonight.

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