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A fun Saturday night out, my first of the year.

Now I was really looking forward to tonight after being out on Friday night. It is so wonderful to get a chance to be myself and enjoy a little Susan time with my friends. Now tonight our group actually had two options, Speakeasy in Salem and the Escape here in Portland. Now I have wanted to go to Salem to see my friends down there but as I have to get up early on Sundays it is really hard and once again I opted to go to the Escape.

I started getting ready at 4, I really look forward to the time I spend getting ready. Doing my makeup, body lotion, perfume, hair and my outfit it is all fun and relaxing. I chose my black and red dress to wear tonight, I didn’t get a 20160102_203059picture but here is an old one from a year ago when I wore it.

I got to the Escape early a little before 6 and they were already busy, all the big tables were taken. I took one of the smaller tables and set up my computer to pass the time as I awaited others to show up. Cassandra was the first to show up and we had a chance to talk some about Cristine our friend in the hospital, She is still in ICU but doing better. We are all praying for her as it is hard to see a loved one like that. She has been and will again be a big part of our group and family. It is different without her out as she was one of our most active members as far as going out.

Elaine was there also and came over and joined us, she is not a member of our group but has been hanging out with us when we are all there. She is really nice and fun to talk with.

Kate also showed up and it was good to see her. Later in the night got to talk with her and she is really thinking well planning on going to Diva Las Vegas. It was fun talking with her and telling her about our past trips. We are all looking forward to it and we already have 6 of us going for sure. Bambi and Kris were also there and it was good to see them. Lynn also made it tonight even though Jan couldn’t. It was good to see her also. I have really missed spending time with my friends the last few weeks because of weather.

Now there were some other people there that came over and talked to us, Dona and her girlfriend Vickie who were in town from LA visiting friends. It was fun talking with them they seemed really nice. It really was a fun crowd here tonight.

Karaoke started and Lynn did sing and did great. Most of the people who sang were really good. It is fun to listen and sometimes sing along with the songs but it does get loud and make it hard to talk. It was a wonderful night out with my friends. It was after 11 when I called it a night, I was actually the last to leave as I got talking with Dona again.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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  1. Susan, you look great! I love that dress on you. Nothing like getting ready with the smell of perfume lingering right nearby… Sara

    Comment by sara elise | January 27, 2017 | Reply

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