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Cold December Saturday

It has been a few cold, icy and snowy days here in Portland, we got a couple inches of snow and some ice on Wednesday and it pretty much shut down the city and we still have it 4 days later. Now I didn’t make it out Friday but I was determined to make it out Saturday. Now the 3rd Saturday of the month our group has been going to Salem to go out with the girls down there. Now with the weather and it appears they had more ice down there most of them were staying home. I also wasn’t sure if any would be out here in Portland at the Escape but that didn’t matter. I was going out. At the very least I would go and have dinner and play on my computer for a little while.

I took my time getting ready as I really enjoy this time. Now it is cold out but I decided to wear my maroon dress. Now with this dress I do my makeup a little Susan Millerdifferent including a deep wine lipstick. Of course I got a quick selfie. I got to the Escape a little after 6 and there was really no one here, maybe 6 other people.

I set up my computer and ordered dinner, a chicken Caesar salad. I am trying to eat healthier although I did order some fries later. Now as I said I wasn’t sure if anyone else would show up but I was out and I was going to enjoy it. Now while I was ordering there was a man across the bar showing his friends his new shirt and I thought it was great although one of his friends didn’t get it at first. The shirt simply said “Number 1 Star Wars fan” with a picture right below it of the USS Enterprise star ship.

I ate my salad and played on my computer, catching up on e-mails and some work. Now a small group of woman came in and sat at the next table. They weren’t there long, maybe 30 minutes. just long enough to eat and they were gone. It really was a slow night here, I guess the weather didn’t just keep our group home.

It was maybe 8 or a little after when another one of our members showed up so I wasn’t alone any more. she ordered dinner and we talked some. she is also planning n going to Diva Las Vegas next year. I am looking forward to it as it is such a fun event and a chance for me to be Susan for 12 days straight and of course have long acrylic nails.

After we both had eaten yes I had my fries we played pool. now I am not that good at pool but I had a good night. The first game she broke and didn’t sink any balls. On my turn I sunk 6 in a row to get down to my last ball but that was as far as I got as I couldn’t get a good shot at it again and she slowly sunk her balls and then the eight ball. The next game started the same she broke and didn’t sink a ball and again I sunk 6 in a row getting down to my last ball. my next turn I sunk it and the 8 ball to win so we each had won a game. The next game was a little more even and slower but I also won that one. The fourth game I was a head and made a shot at the 8 ball missing and scratching the cue ball and I loss the game so we each won 2. it was a good night.

Karaoke started and we talked some more and listened to the singing. There were a few more people here now but still only 10 or 12 including us. It was one of the slowest nights I have seen here but it was still a fun night out. It was probably 11 PM when we called it a night. It was a good night out and with the Holidays upon us I probably wont get out much the next two weeks or at least I do it will be a spur of the moment chance. So with that being said I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New years.

Thanks for reading.


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