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Saturday and a fun day planned

Saturday is here and I have a fun day planned. I am going to get a manicure and then depending on the time I may go to Starbucks before going to the Escape to spend some time with my friends. Now I have gotten really comfortable as Susan and as going out over the last few years, the nail salon and Starbucks I have been going to is really close to my house.

Now Saturdays I have my routine dialed in which is both good and bad I guess. I go to the gym, come home shower, partially become Susan, update my blog for Friday night, go get lunch, come home and finish becoming Susan and then out for the evening.

I started at the gym for about an hour in a half and got home just before noon. Took my shower and shaved and then a couple spritzes of perfume, panty hose and my victoria Secret bra which by the way is the most comfortable bra I have. I really can’t tell I am wearing it and with the padding it gives me about a “B” cup. Last some mascara followed by my jeans and a shirt. Now I am ready to update my blog. It is fun doing my blog this way with the smell of the perfume. I finished my blog at 1:30 and figured I would go get lunch Subway and then come home, after I ate I would call and make my nail appointment. Now I wear a large coat so you really can’t tell I have a bra on and I guess the mascara is noticeable but the good thing is Subway they are making your sandwich and not really looking at you till you pay and I guess they can probably smell my perfume but they have never said anything.

Well I got in my car and left and realized I need gas so I stopped and got gas first. Looking at my speedometer I saw I was do for my 40,000 maintained really soon so I called Toyota to see if I could get in next week. They were all booked up but had an opening today at 2:30 so I took it. I went and got my Subway and then headed for Toyota. I got to Toyota and checked my car in and took my food into the waiting area, there were about 15 other people in here waiting. There were a couple seats open by the fire so I put my food down and took off my coat and sat down to eat. As I looked down I could see the bumps on my chest under my tee shirt. That when I remembered I was wearing the bra and had Mascara on. Luckily I had worn a dark shirt so the hot pink color of the bra wasn’t visible. The only two sitting near me were two woman one looked like she was asleep and the other was reading a book so I just went a head and ate my lunch and tried to forget about everything else. It was almost 4 when I left Toyota and headed for home. There would be no time to get a manicure today before going to the Escape. That will have to wait till Tuesday, I guess I will go then and then to Starbucks.

I got home about 4:20 and did a quick shave again to make sure my face was smooth and then started my makeup for going out tonight. It was about 6 when I was ready and on my way. I got to the Escape and they were busy, there was one big group there having some kind of a party. Nicole was there at a small table eating. Now I wasn’t sure how many of our group would show up but I decided to ask the other group if they would be using both big tables. The guy thanked me for asking and said he thought they could get by with just the one so Nicole and I took the other in hopes others would show up.

Nicole and I sat and talked and caught up, it was good to see her again. I also ordered dinner, a Chicken Caesar salad. The other group was having a lot of fun and seemed like a fun group, they were doing a gift exchange and having a great time. They were trying to get a group picture and the guy I talked with earlier asked if I would take a picture for them and of course I agreed and soon I had 4 of them hand me cell phones to take pictures of them. They all thanked me and I 20161210_223827[1]went back and talked with Nicole some more and of course took one quick selfie of myself. I think my makeup turned out well tonight.

Laura H. and Lisa showed up and that would be all of our group for tonight. It was good to see them and the 4 of us sat there and talked. Of course Laura and Lisa played some pool and Lisa one a few games, she is getting better at pool. Nicole left a little before 9 as she needed to stop by Ikea and pick something up before they close and she wanted to do it as Nicole. Nicole has really grown over the last couple years. I still remember that first time I met her, it was at Washington Square when I was out shopping. We said our goodbyes till the next time she is in town early January.

Now a couple of the girls from the other group came over and talked to me for a while which was nice. I really do love meeting new people. Now I always wait for them to ask about me and for some reason they never did, We talked about heels and makeup and the one told me a lot about herself and family. it was just nice everyday conversation which I loved.

Karaoke started and it got really busy as all the regulars that come for Karaoke showed up. It was fun to listen to the singing as some of them are really good. Of course Laura and Lisa both got up several times and sang. And some sand Christmas songs which I love.

Two women came in and sat at the bar and the only reason I noticed was as I was looking around one of them was staring at me. Now I always wonder if they know me when I see someone really looking at me, so I kind of looked away and back to talking with Lisa and Laura. Now a couple times I glanced back and she was still looking at me. Finally she walked over to me and I still didn’t know who she was so I was pretty sure she didn’t recognize me. any way she just came over to tell me how beautiful I was or in her word “how F***ing gorgeous I was”. I never get tired of hearing that as I am sure most females love to her that. I thanked her and told her how pretty she and her friends were and they were. I talked with them for a little bit which was nice. It is just so nice and much more fun to go out as Susan.

I listened to some more singing before calling it a night about 11:30. It has been a fun day and a good weekend. Now I am looking forward to Tuesday night as I will get out for a couple hours for a manicure and Starbucks.

I also got my vacation set, yes I have the week of diva Las Vegas off and will be going unless something unexpected come up. I will have to get together with Cassandra so we can plan and book our hotel rooms. We are thinking of staying downtown as the room rates are so much lower.

Thanks for reading


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  1. High Susan I’m a big fan of you I have been reading your blog for the. Last 4 years and I enjoy it very much I’m a 63 year old man who has cross dressed of and on for many years always in private. And I think to start again.I will tell you I did go to Emerald Fantasy and. Had s good time I met my host at a motel and had a great dress up session. I even went outside to get something out of my car. The problem has I didn’t know the doos locks when you go outside. I did live in Portland for 25 years and I do come down see my kids and grandkids. Maybe some time when m down there I might stop by the Sweetwater and have a chance to talk to you enjoy your day Tom.

    Comment by Jennifer | December 14, 2016 | Reply

    • HI Tom, We all start that way, it really is hard to take that first step out but once you do it gets easier each time. The key to going out is confidence which sounds easier than it is. But if you can come across as confident and that it is perfectly normal most people will accept this. Now I am not saying you won’t get looks or laughs but most people won’t challenge you about it. If you do get to Portland let me know and I will let you know where and when our group will be out and you are more than welcome to join us. Hugs

      Comment by susanmiller64 | December 31, 2016 | Reply

      • Thank you

        Comment by Jennifer | January 1, 2017

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