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Saturday is here, Manicure and out with friends

It’s been a busy but good week. Not much time for Susan with Thanksgiving and family. It was fun but I was really looking forward to Saturday and some Susan time. Speaking of which, for all you that celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you had a wonderful day. I want you all to know I am thankful for all of you, my wonderful friends I have met as Susan. Okay back to my day.

Now I am still working out at the gym so when I got home I called the nail salon to see if I could get in for a manicure as I really needed one as I broke a nail yesterday. I got an appointment for 5 so I started getting ready. There is just something about getting ready to go out that I really enjoy. I was already by 4:30 in my black skirt, sweater top and heeled boots, it really is a cute look. I had time as it only takes a couple minutes to get to the nail salon.

I got to the nail salon and they weren’t busy, guess everyone was out shopping. there was one lady getting a pedicure and one getting her nails done so I didn’t have to wait. Annie started on my nails, it is such a relaxing feeling. She removed the old polish and then started on my nails. I had her trim my nails back as they were a little on the long side. Now it was time for the polish. She asked if I wanted my normal clear pink which really is just a clear and I said yes. She went to get the gel polish as I went and washed my hands.

I got back to the table and Annie told me she was out of the clear pink but said she had a new one that was close. she put a little on my finger and it looked pretty close, maybe should have taken a better look before I said yes. Well she started on my nails and I really do love the experience of getting my nails done. she got the first coat on and it did have a light pink color to it. when she got the second coat on it was a light pink but it also had sparkles in it. It really was a pretty color and look. I was having second thoughts about the nail color but there wasn’t a lot I could do now. I would decide later as I could always remove it at home if I had to although it would take time.

I left the salon about 5:40 and was on my way to the Escape. I knew Nicole would be there tonight as she had contacted me on Facebook that she would be in town, other than her I wasn’t sure as I knew a couple girls were out of town for the holiday and being a holiday weekend might keep people away. Of course I had my computer with me. I got there at 6 and went in. I ordered dinner and played on my computer for a little bit till Nicole showed up.

It was great to see Nicole again, turns out she came down just for the evening and will go home tonight. I was so proud of her as she made the trip as Nicole. She even left here house as Nicole even though she didn’t put her wig on till she got out of her neighborhood. I remember when I did that being worried my neighbors would see me and figure it out. It really is a journey we are all on and we grow and expand our lives and that is a wonderful thing. It was great to see her again and talk with her. We had a nice time as we waited to see if anyone else would show up.

There really are some wonderful people who come here that I have met. One of the ladies who works here was here tonight with her niece. She came over and talked with me and told me how great it was to see me here and she wanted to bring her niece over to meet me. She brought her over and introduced her to me and Nicole, It really was nice.

Jan, Lynn and Cristine also showed up. It was great to see them out again. We all sat and talked for a while it was turning out to be a wonderful evening. Teresa Laura M. and Diana also showed up so we had a good group tonight. I got to talk with Teresa which was nice. She doesn’t come out with the group that often so it is always nice when she does. We all had a wonderful time talking till Karaoke Started.

Nicole could stay to late as she had a 2 hour drive home so she left a little after 9. It was sad to see her leave but so nice she could make it down for a while. She might be back in a couple weeks so that would be nice. We listened to Karaoke and of course a few of our group sang. It was really fun. I stayed till a little after 10 before I called it a night. I didn’t stay out as late as I was worried about my nails and wanted to leave time to soak off the gel polish if I needed to.

I got home and put my matte polish on and the shine went away and they looked like I could get by with them without to mush issues as they had just a dull light cream color. Now what I have found is that things look different Ii n florescent light. As Sunday when I left for work and was driving away and in the natural day light my nails really did have a pale frosted pink color. Probably good they are short right now. So here are some pictures of my nails before I put the matte polish on. I am going to keep them though as next weekend I can remove the matte polish and have pretty pink nails.

 20161126_181819 20161126_181826

20161126_181833 20161126_181840


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