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Saturday night out for a while

well I couldn’t make it out Friday night so I was looking forward to Saturday night even though I couldn’t stay out late. Now this week was our groups trip t Salem to go to the South Side Speakeasy. Our group has been trying to go down there once a month as we have several of our group that live down there and come up to Portland to go out with us. I have been there once many years ago as I went down to meet Alice who really helped me start going out but I haven’t made it down there lately. I was hopping to tonight but they don’t meet till 9 and as it is an hour drive I would have had to leave by 10 so I just couldn’t bring myself to go as I was pretty tired from the last few days.

I decided to go to the Escape for dinner as I knew Samantha, a friend of mine from Eugene was in town and wanted to g to the Escape. Wasn’t sure if any others from our group would show up. Now I didn’t know what time she would get there but I wanted to get there early just so I would have a little more time out. I started getting ready at 4 with the hopes of being to the Escape by 6. I actually got to the Escape by 5:50 so I did good.

Now I did bring my computer as I usually do so I could update my blog from Wednesday, as I said it has been a busy week. I try to do my blog the next day as it is still fresh in my mind but I don’t always make it so I an a few days behind. I worked on my blog while I ate dinner.

Samantha showed up about 6:40, it was great to see her again. She gets to Portland every few months. I put my computer away and we started talking. One of the things we talked about was our neighbors and if they knew about our other side. Now I know one of my neighbors knows for sure. I don’t know if other of my neighbors do but I have to believe there is a chance many of them do as I am sure some talk. Samantha also wonders and thinks it is possible some of her neighbors may know also. It is one of those things I think most people would walk up to you and say. We also talked about shopping which we both like to do. It was nice to get a chance to talk with her.

Katie also showed up which was nice. We got a chance to talk and talked about traveling as a female. We would both love to try to fly sometime as our female self, I think that would be a fun experience. Katie is thinking of going to Diva Las Vegas next year and may fly down as Katie. For those interested it is the last  and is so much fun. Now Katie didn’t stay out late as she was leaving town so soon it was back to just Samantha and me and we kept on talking. Missy showed up and joined us so we had 4 that showed up tonight. It was getting late and Samantha had a 2 hour drive home so she left. I stayed a little longer to listen to a little Karaoke. It was about 10:30 when I left for home. It was a fun night even though it was short.


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