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Friday night out

Susan Miller at Clackamas Town CenterThe weekend is here and I am ready as it has been a long busy week. I actually work late several days this week so I am a little tired, Also pulled a leg muscle at the gym so I have been in a little pain the last two day. The funny thing is it only hurts when I walk flat footed so as long as I am in heels I am fine, two bad I couldn’t wear the heels to work. Any way  my leg is getting better only hurts if I step just right.

Well as I said I was tired so it took a lot of effort to get off the couch at 4:30 and start getting ready, I don’t think anything else other then being Susan would have done it. It took a little longer as I was not moving fast but I was ready by about 6:15 and on my way. I got o Sweet Home about 6:40 and it looked like they would be busy as I had to park way up the street, maybe the farthest I have had to park and walk. I got inside and Chris, Robyn and her son were there but they really weren’t busy. Not sure why there were so many cars outside.

I ordered dinner and we talked while we watch the Portland Trail Blazers game on TV. It is funny as I watch way more sports when I am out as Susan then I do as my male self. Of course they won which always makes it more fun as the bar is a happier place when they win.

Roxy showed up a little later so there were 4 of us, It is nice Robyn is getting out more regular. She is also going to be playing pool league here with Chris. They were both playing pool here tonight and doing well. Now after I ate I was really starting to feel the long week so I figured a piece of cheesecake was what I needed to wake up, well as good of an excuse for desert as I can come up with. It was really good, they really do have good food here.

More people started to show up but it really doesn’t get busy till Karaoke starts at 10. It was fun just to be out but I was really tired, I guess the week was longer than I thought and I wasn’t sure how late I would make it. Well Chris and Roxy called it a night before I did so I felt better. I stuck it out till about 10 so I didn’t get to see any Karaoke tonight. It was a fun night though and now I am looking forward to Saturday night at the escape with my friends.

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