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Saturday and last day of vacation and my pretty nails!

Well Saturday is here and it is the last day of my vacation and that also means the last day of my pretty nails. Now I was out late last night so I didn’t get up as early as I hoped so by the time I got home from the gym it was after 10. I started getting ready really not sure what I was going to do. It was almost noon before I was ready to go. I called the nail salon and got an appointment for 2 so I didn’t have a lot of time and I have been putting off some work I need to do I figured today could be a Starbucks day.

I drove to the Starbucks by my house as I didn’t want to waste a lot of time but they were packed. I didn’t even go in as I could see it was full inside and all the tables out side were full and people standing. I decided to drive to one a little farther away that has a drive through and they were not as busy inside so I sat here till 1:40 doing my blog and catching up on some work.

I got to the nails salon a few minutes early and Annie was finishing up on another lady so I had to wait. Of course I looked at my pretty fingers and new soon they would be plain, it was sad. Soon she was ready for me and she filed the first nail as I watched the flawless shiny red disappear to a dull faded red. The first nail was the hardest but then I accepted I would no longer have pretty nails. Soon they were all scuffed up and wrapped to soak the gel polish off. Now I started to enjoy the manicure which was wonderful. She trimmed them back a little more than I wanted but they still look nice with the clear pink. It was about 2:40 when I left.

It was to early to go home and get ready for tonight but not enough time to go anyplace. I drove across the street to the Starbucks by my house and it looked like all the tables along the windows were open but 1 so I parked and went in. To my surprise they were really busy inside, 6 people waiting for drinks and 7 in line. I cheated and pot my computer on one of the tables before getting in line which was a good thing. It took a wile to get my drink. I sat down and caught up on some work and e-mails. I only stayed here till 3:40 before going home to change.

I had decided to where one of my new dresses, a black one. I also wanted to touch up my eye makeup and make it a little more dramatic for tonight and of course a red lipstick. The eyes went well but changing the lipstick was a mess and in the end I had to take off the makeup around my mouth and clean it up and reapply. It was about 4:15 when I was ready. Now what to do, I could go to the Escape early but I wouldn’t have enough battery to last or I could stop by the Starbucks on Mill Plain for an hour and plug in my computer there but I was shall we say overdressed for Starbuck. A short sexy black dress and 4” heels.

Starbucks was on my way and not far out of the way so I decided to see how busy they were. There was only 1 car in the lot and a line going through the drive through and looking inside I only saw 2 people so I parked and went in. I got a drink, sat down and plugged my computer in and started surfing the internet. Well I kid you not it wasn’t 5 minutes and people started to come in. Soon the place was packed and I did feel a little out of place the way I was dressed. I stuck it out till 5:40 before heading to the Escape.

I got to the escape a little before 6 and went in. They had the Cubs game on and they beat the Dodger so they will be going to the World Series. Yes I watched the end of the game. I was only there by myself about 20 minutes and then Cristine Susan in her new dress (1)and Cassandra showed up. Now I wore my new dress so Cassandra was nice enough to take a couple pictures of me.

Katie, Missy and a few other girls showed up. It was nice to talk with Katie a little. We talked about next week as the Escape is doing Halloween and we are all looking forward to it. I bought a costume this past week and can’t wait to wear it. The Escape is going to show Rocky Horror Picture show at 7 so we will all get there early.

There was a good crowd here tonight, not really big but fun. Couple of the girls told me how great I looked and I always love that. It was a fun night out as I bring my Vacation to an end. It is funny other than going to the gym I have been Susan for over aSusan in her new dress (2) week and loved it.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day

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