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Friday night at Sweet Home

Well I spent the day shopping at Clackamas Town center before going to Starbucks to relax and rest my feet before going to Sweet Home. My goal was to leave here just before 6 as I am only about 5 minutes from Sweet Home. Now the weather today has been really nice about 60 slightly overcast and no wind a really nice day out shopping. I got here a little before 4 so that gave me 2 hours or so which was perfect. Now I was sitting right b the window but not really paying attention till it was time to leave. I looked outside and it was really raining and windy, what happened. Well I ended up sitting here a little longer hoping for a break which it did the rain slowed way down about 6:30 and I left. With this I got to Sweet Home about 30 minutes later then I planed. I was lucky and got a parking spot in their lot so didn’t have to walk far and the rain was almost stopped.

They were not real busy yet and Chris was the only one there from our group. I joined him and ordered dinner. Robyn showed up just a little while later and her son was with her so I got to meet him and also one of her friends showed up. They were all playing pool while I ate as I had my priorities right, food. Roxy also showed up so we were off to a good group.

Cristine also showed up tonight, it has been over a year or more since she has made it to Sweet Home. Cassandra last week her this week. Speaking of Cassandra she also came out again tonight. It was like our old Friday nights. We actually had 2 tables again. I think everyone in our group except for Roxy and I played pool. Cassandra was the big winner I think as it seemed she played for a while.

Cassandra and I talked about our new web page for our group. W are doing well in members as we have about 105 so far but there really isn’t much posting or messaging on the website. WE are trying to figure out how to get the members more active on the website  other then just seeing what we will be doing. The web page is really good, Cassandra did a great job getting it set up.

Chris and Roxy left early tonight of course Chris gets here before 5 as he comes straight from work. Diane also made it out tonight but she got here just a little after Chris and Roxy had left. Karaoke started and it got hard to talk, Kelly and her new girlfriend showed up. She is one of the first people I met when we started coming here wow I guess 4 years ago, wow times goes by fast. We started coming here after we were kicked out of the P-Club for being transgender. By the way I got another small check today from our Attorney of money they have collected from Chris Penner. It wasn’t much and  don’t know if we will ever collect it all but it is just nice to know they are garnishing any money he gets so every time he gets a check he sees money taken out to pay us and that is priceless. I don’t even think the money they have collected so far covers the interest they charge him on what he owes. But at least we are getting something and our Attorney who was awesome is now getting some money for all her work also.

It was getting late and Cassandra and Cristine left. I stayed a little while longer with Roby and Diane to talk. I really should have left earlier as I want to get up early Saturday to g to the gym and then enjoy my last day out as Susan before my vacation ends. Sometime Saturday I need to go to the nail salon and get a manicure and remove the pretty red polish fro my fingers which still looks just as good as it did a week ago when I had them done. I really wish I could have panted nails all the time. I will probably try to do that in the afternoon if I can get in.

I want to have time to go home and change for going to the Escape Saturday night as I did get 3 new dresses this week and I want to wear one of them. It really has be a fun week. My next Vacation will probably be for Diva Las Vegas in the spring. If you are looking for a fun vacation this is it. It was about 11:30 when I left Sweet Home and headed for home.

20161021_133135Here is a picture from earlier today at the mall.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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