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My Monday out

I got up and went to the gym I am keeping that going even with my pretty red nails. It was about 9 when I got hoe and started getting ready for my day out. Now I bought a new lipstick yesterday one of those long wear that is suppose to bond to your lips and you put a gloss over it so I am going to try it out today. I was all ready by 10:30 with my new lipstick. not sure about it as it feels strange. I got in my car and was off. I looked in the mirror and the red color of the lipstick was a lot brighter than it looked in the house, probably more of an evening out color. My first order of business was lunch so I headed for Cascade Station to start as there is a Panda Express. I know I seem to go here a lot but when I am Susan I like things I can eat with a fork and that limits places you can go.

They were not busy when I got there so I had my pick of tables, seems I was just a head of the lunch crowd as by the time I left it was packed. I had a nice lunch and my lipstick sill looks perfect but I needed more of the gloss as they felt sticky. I guess if I was really trying to see how it held up I should have gotten a burger or something. After lunch I drove over and parked my Marshal’s and went in. I have never found anything here before as I think their sizes run smaller and today was no different. Now today was a nicer day, still a little cool about 60 and just a slight breeze and no rain actually there have been some sun breaks which is nice. I decided to walk down to Ross Dress for Less as I almost always find something here.

I looked around for a while and found 2 cute dresses. They looked just a little small but I really liked them so I was off to the dressing room. Now they have an attendant there to check how many items you go in with and come out with and usually it is a young person but there was and elderly man there today and I wondered what he would do. I showed him my 2 dresses and he gave me a card with a 2 on it and pointed to the woman’s sided and said that way miss, really made me feel good. They both fit barley, luckily they are stretchy and I am hoping to lose some more weight. I decided to buy them.

From here I drove to Lloyd Center to look around. What I have really been looking for and I am not sure what they are called is a top that is like a really short sweater dress that you wear with yoga pants. I have seen many woman wearing them and they really look cute and they are jus long enough to cover your rear. I have a couple long tops that I can wear but this look I just really like. I will admit looking for women’s clothing is always a challenge as some stores put their departments  by brand and others by size and in women’s besides size they also have petite, woman’s, tall and what ever else they can think of and they are not always clearly marked. well a little off the subject again. I parked by Sears and went in. I looked around at their closeout section but didn’t see anything so it was off into the mall. Okay the strangest thing, As I was writing this blog, on my Facebook page this popped up, this is what I am writing about. I haven’t Capturepublished my blog yet so it is just on my computer. makes me wonder how much Facebook and Google can really see on our computers. Anyway this is the top and the look I was talking about, just so cute.

Now shopping a mall is more about exploring then just buying something so I went into several stores just to look around and see what they had. It is funny as a man I know what I want, go in and get it and leave, as Susan I like to wander around. Of course I checked out ross Dress for Less here also and didn’t find anything, Also Old Navy,Clair’s to look at Jewelry, and Torrid’s, I probably spent 2 hours wandering around. I was on my way out going through Sears and I saw a rack of tee shirts, they were a knit top and long called Jeggins tees. They kind of looked like what I had seen other woman wear with yoga pants. The only thing I didn’t like were they were long sleeve but they did have some that looked like they would fit me and they were on sale.

I left here and headed back towards home but made one more stop at Burlington Coat factory as I have found some cute shoes here before. They had some close outs but none in my size. Boy I would kill if my feet were one size smaller. I tried a couple pairs on but my toes were cramped and I wouldn’t have been able to wear them for a night out. It was about 3:30 now so I figured I would go to Starbucks for an hour or so before getting dinner. I went to the same one I went to yesterday evening on Mill Plain. It still amazes me how many people hang out at Starbucks. there were probably between 20 and 25 people here the whole time I was here. About a third in pairs and the rest by themselves. most had computers but a few were reading or doing what looked like school work. You really do get a good cross section of people here and a good place to people watch.

I left Starbucks about 5:20 and went to a Subway on my way home, one I have never been to before. I do like going to new places. I ordered my sandwich and the lady that helped me was awesome. there were several tables in the back and a few in the front so I picked the ones in the front as it was by the other people, well there was only 3 people in here at one table in the corner, a lady in her early 40’s I guess with her parents. A few people came in and got sandwiches but they all got them to go. When the other people left the woman told me how good my makeup looked which always make me feel good especially after being out all day. It has been over 7 hours sense I did my makeup. Any way we talked for a few minutes about makeup, she doesn’t like doing it she said and almost never wears it. I told her I needed makeup to go out. It was a nice interaction.

After I finished I went to use the ladies room and it was locked so I just figures someone was in there but the lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted the key. I guess they keep them locked. I said yes so she told the other employee to grab me the key. Now he was a young boy well to me young. Probably 2o or so. I could see he was unsure. She smiled at me and said he would give me the key so as I walked down towards him he had both keys in his hand and I could see he was unsure so he just set them both down and let me pick which I did. Now I am sure some would get upset or offended by this but it really wasn’t that big of a deal. I am willing to bet I am the first T-girl he has ever seen so he gave me my choice.

It was after 6 now when I left here so I headed for home. I had one more stop in me though as I didn’t want to just go home. I stopped at the Starbuck’s by my house and that is where I am right now. they are not real busy, just one other person here working on her computer. So I am writing my blog and having a cup of hot chocolate.

Okay the update on the lipstick and I guess I should say what it is also. It is Rommel brand Provocalips 16 hr. It has held up really well, a little worn in the corners of my mouth and the inside of the lips but the rest of the lips look just like it did when I put it on. No smudges or bleeding outside of lip lines. and that includes eating a Subway sandwich. It really did hold up well. The down side is I didn’t like the feel, it is tacky or even sticky unless you have the gloss on which comes off real easy when you eat or drink so you really do need to re-apply that often.

Now I have to figure out what I will do tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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